Monday Money #20 Keeping a Spending Diary & Aldi Dupes

This weeks has been a fairly quiet week in terms of exciting things. I have had one day in London meeting with clients where I managed to spend £30, yes I am back on with keeping a spending diary mission and watching every penny I spend. That £30 included a very unnecessary £10 on Hotel Chocolate. Damn my impulsive spending!  I walked past on the way to my meeting and walked in on my way back to the tube station. They got me with the free taster chocolate and I ended up buying three packets of chocolate for £10.

Keeping a Spending Diary & Aldi Dupes


Keeping a Spending Diary

So yes, the spending diary is back again. I have a small notebook that I keep by the side of my bed and I write everything I have spent into the diary at the end of every day. It is a really good practise for when you want to keep control of your spending. Looking back at the end of the week is interesting and helps provide ideas on how to save money in the future.

I spent £6 on coffees and snacks last week, this could have been brought from home rather than bought.

The Perfect Goose Down Coat

I am searching for the perfect super warm coat and have been advised that Goose Down is the best option. I asked in my Mrs Mummypenny Money Saving Tips Facebook group what people recommended and I got lots of responses. The thing is I dont want to spend hundreds on a coat. I have some vouchers still to spend on Amazon so I had a little search and found what looked like the most perfect goose down coat. And it was just £50!

The only sizes available were 34 and 40, so a size 12 and a size 18. Hurrah, I ordered the size 12. Alas when it was perfect in style and warmth. But there is no way that coat is a size 12, more like a size 8. SO my bargain coat is being returned, luckily on Amazon I can return for free. But so annoying, it was the perfect coat!

Aldi Dupes

I wrote a post this week about the best of Aldi dupes. Aldi are so clever at copying expensive branded products, matching them in taste, look and feel. But making them so much cheaper! I have shared my favourite dupe products in this post including chocolate and gin. And exciting have a competition running to win the full set of Jo Malone dupe candle, reed diffuser and room spray. All in scent number 1, lime, basil and mandarin.

The Curve Card

Do you fancy getting a free fiver? And getting a brilliant new card Curve that will allow you to combine all of your card into one? I have been trying out Curve and really love it. I have added five different cards onto my curve account and now only need the one card in my wallet. Plus I get a cashback bonus of the first three months of using it.  using the code PENNY and give it a try. Read more about Curve in this post.

Year 6 and school trips

Dylan, my eldest is now in year 6. His final year at primary school and we have lots going on. Homework has stepped up a level which we are finding a real challenge with all of our football commitments as well. The next few weeks see us visiting secondary schools for open evenings. And Dylan has lots of extra things going on this year including the year six PGL trip. This is a three day trip away where he get to do all sort of activities, absailing, kayaking etc. I have started the payment plan for it this week, with £50 paid towards the cost, its nearly £300! That feels expensive. But at least we can pay in instalments.


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