Making Money: BigCommerce Versus the Tools Associated with Shopify

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the most well-known names within the world of online e-commerce solutions. If you are an aspiring mum and you have been thinking about opening up your own business, there are a handful of facts to know in order to make an informed decision. While each of these platforms is associated with its own unique framework, the fact of the matter is that a growing number of entrepreneurs are migrating away from BigCommerce in favour of Shopify? Why is this the case? Let’s quickly look at some possible drawbacks of BigCommerce which are not experienced by those who employ Shopify.

A Quick Look at BigCommerce: All that it is Cracked Up to Be?

If you are just starting out within the online business community, price is obviously a concern. While BigCommerce has a series of graduated monthly plans, the fact of the matter is that these can be quite expensive. This is particularly noticeable if you were looking to choose their BigCommerce Pro option.

Another possible issue with BigCommerce could involve the cap that it places on yearly sales figures. While this is not entirely uncommon for such platforms, these limits could stifle a growing business. If sales figures are exceeded, future transactions may very well be blocked; not a nice situation for a firm that has just begun to attract customers.

Free templates are another concern that should be briefly addressed. BigCommerce provides seven free templates to all paying customers. This is somewhat limited, as the options might not be able to match the brand persona that you are trying to achieve.

Now, the main question involves why Shopify is enjoying a growing market share when compared to BigCommerce.

A Quick Look at Shopify

A quick online search using terms such as “Big Commerce vs Shopify” will provide countless results. Many of these offer in-depth analyses that might be somewhat complicated if you are new to the online retail industry. Let’s therefore break down the main points in an easily digestible format. Some of the main advantages of Shopify over BigCommerce include:

  • Ten free templates as opposed to seven.
  • Cheaper entry-level pricing plans.
  • No limits are placed upon annual sales.
  • Adding new product categories is much easier.
  • Customised analytical reports can be created and there are more options.
  • Shopify offers more than 2,000 apps in their store (compared to the 600 associated with BigCommerce at the time that this article was written).

Ultimately, this article is not meant to disparage BigCommerce in any way. It is simply intended to illustrate why Shopify is preferred by many start-up business owners. Making money with the help of such a platform could soon provide you with an independent income source; a welcome change if you are a full-time mother or if you hope to transform a dream into a reality. Please do not hesitate to use this post as a checklist before making the final decision.


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