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My name is Lynn James, mum to three boys, Dylan 12, Josh 10 and Jack 7. We live in Knebworth, Hertfordshire and I am the MD & Founder of Mrs Mummypenny, a personal finance expert website and brand.

I left the corporate world in June 2015 to launch Mrs Mummypenny. Previous to setting up my limited company I worked for 16 years in various commercial and finance roles for companies including EE, Tesco and HSBC. I qualified as an ACMA management accountant back in 2002, not long after finishing my maths degree from Brunel University.

The risk was big to leave the corporate world and launch Mrs Mummypenny, but it paid off.  I am happier, have more flexibility, particularly with my family and am in control of my own destiny. And I get to help thousands of people to save money and work towards financial freedom. 

Do not be fooled into thinking this was easy. Creating a successful business has taken years of perseverance and determination. Year of building trust and relationships with my readers and clients. To both of whom I am eternally grateful.

The blog started on Maternity Leave

I started my blog, Mrs Mummypenny in 2013 whilst on my third maternity leave with my youngest. I returned to work and kept Mrs Mummypenny going as a hobby. All throughout my life I have shared my money saving tips with friends. I thought why not learn how to build a website & social media platform and share those tips with the Uk and the world.

My content will provide you with impartial guidance on personal finance ensuring you get great value from every pound spent. I write about anything from a freebie family day out to how to swap your utilities to how to sort out your pension and investments. I also write about healthy body and mind, if you can have a healthy relationship with money, body and mind then much of life will be good.

My most popular posts include :-

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Personal Finance Top Tips

Here are my top personal finance/money saving/budgeting tips to help you get started on your money saving journey.

Create a realistic budget

Excel is always great for setting up these kinds of things. Write down everything you spend money on create a budget and stick to it. Keep a check on it every couple of weeks or once a month to look at where you are spending your money and on what.  You can then assess where you are spending too much money and where savings can be made. If the creation of a budget spreads is too much, I have done all the work for you! Click here for a budget sheet from my google drive.  For more detail check out this post

Set up a cash back account

Whenever you buy anything online buy it through your cash back account. You will then receive a % of your spend back in cash back which you can transfer into your bank account or transfer into online vouchers. I use  Topcashback (click on this link to set up an account) which offer the highest payout rates. I have earned £3k in seven years in cash back. This comes from online spending like holidays, insurance, mobile phones, Groupon purchases. Anything bought online 🙂

Switch your Energy Company

Too many people don’t do this. In fact 70% of UK households are sitting on gas & electricity bills that are too high, based on standard rates. Spend 5 minutes and have a look at what Octopus Energy can offer you. I have been  customer for three years, they always come out the best value. Plus they offer renewable energy and their customer service is top, they are the only energy firm recommended by Which.

Sell for free

Use free selling pages on Facebook to sell unwanted stuff in your house. This will save you on fees and postage costs and gives a little back to community as you’re sharing with local folk. I set up a page for my village which I admin, with 5k members. It is a great way to buy and sell 2nd hand stuff. It works brilliantly for children’s stuff and large furniture. Or of course sell on eBay. Decluttering and making money is Win Win!

Save without giving up the things you love

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you and your family love. I will always find a way of doing things for less money or free.

My boys love playing football so a trip to the park is forever free. They adore the local splash parks that can be found in most big parks like St.Albans or Letchworth. It is important that my children understand the value of things and how much things cost, like £40 football boots, which means that they must be looked after.

For more information on working with me please go to Work with me


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  1. Great to see another blog helping consumers save money on their bills. I think a lot of people do realise how much they can save when switching energy providers for example

    1. We have to spread the word and get everyone switching and saving every year. Collective voices have so much influence.

  2. I love yoursite – have you thought about publishing a weekly/monthly money diary of your members? I avidly read the weekly ones on Refinery 29 every Wednesday (UK site under Money) and get lots of tips from ladies of all ages/ careers etc.

    1. Hi Donn, that is a good idea! I do run a debt stories series where people come on and share their stories. I shall add spending diary to my list, its a really good idea:-)

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