The Best Aldi dupes ever – from candles to sudocream to shampoo

The Best Aldi dupes ever

Aldi are just the best at taking a product from a well known brand and turning into their own version. The product looks the same, taste the same, smell the same and even have very similar packaging so here are my best Aldi dupes ever!

The Best Aldi dupes ever


I cannot wait for the new 2019 Christmas range where there is tons of exciting products coming that will save you a small fortune. They have Chanel no 9 perfume, Nars eyeshadow, Charlotte Tilbury contouring and Benefit mascara. The products look the same yet cost a fraction of the price.

So here are my current six favourite products, a total dupe of the much more expensive alternative!

I have included prices as per 12th September 2018 and have compared to the prices from Tesco online on the same day.

Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner

I am a big fan of the Aussie shampoo and conditioner range and have used it for 20 years. It smells divine and makes my hair shiny and manageable. And my hair doesn’t need another wash for a good four days. The conditioner is ever so good at softening my straw dry hair. But its pricey, current price of £4 a bottle in Tesco.

Aldi have the mighty and moisture range available. It smells the same and has exactly the same effect on my hair. Tried and tested. And its costs £1.99 per bottle.

Sudocream and Vasoline

We still buy sudocream and vasoline ten years on from having our first baby. The sudocream is perfect for cuts, grazes and sunburn. And the vasoline is perfect for cracked lips. It costs just 59p a pot in Aldi!  The same products are £1.50 for the Vasoline in Tesco and £2.00 for Sudocream.

Nespresso Coffee Capsules

I have a coffee pod machine and did spend the first two years buying the official branded Nespresso pods. These cost around 33p to 40p per pod. A pack of 10 costing £3.30.

I was most excited to see Aldi introducing their own version of coffee machine pods. Again I have tried and tested and they taste EXACTLY the same!  They cost just £1.79 for a pack of ten.

Lindt Chocolate

I do love my chocolate, shhhhh. And I really love the Lindt white chocolate, caramel chocolate and the milk chocolate with sea salt, mmmmmm. But can Aldi really produce a product that tastes similar to Lindt, one of the most popular premium chocolates in the UK?

Yes its can! Check out this range of chocolate bars. And Aldi do a clever thing better than lindt, each bar contains five mini bars so you are encouraged to not eat the whole bar in one go!

The Lindt chocolate is currently priced at £1.99 with the Aldi bars priced at just £1.29.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

I love my gin and again have spent many year buying the same brand of Bombay Sapphire. A bottle of this premium gin is going to cost you £21 for 70 cl in Tesco at the moment, although rather bizarrely you can get a 1 litre bottle for £20?

The Aldi version of Topaz Blue, dupe to the tee. Same colour and shape bottle, and yes it tastes the same. Aldi Topaz Blue is £13.99 for a 70 cl bottle.

Jo Malone Candle, Room Spray, Diffuser

And finally the ultimate dupe is the Jo Malone candles, reed diffusers and room spray. Aldi are now famous for these dupes. The look and feel is the same, the smell is the same. I always have a candle burning at home and I would much rather have a £3.99 candle than the £44 Jo Malone version. WOW what a difference.

Here we also have the room spray (£2.99) and reed diffusers (£3.99) in the scent no 1 lime, basil and mandarin.

This is a collaborative post.


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282 Responses

  1. Oh, how I wish there were an Aldi near me. It’s miles away and I don’t have a car, but you get by far the best deals there.

  2. I too just love the Jo Malone Reed diffusers and candles and my favourite is also Lime Madarin and Basil and also Pomegranite

  3. I have been buying the Moser Roth chocolate for years, I’d never had the Lindt so didn’t know it was a dupe for it! I think it must be my fave even if I wasn’t aware!

  4. It has to be their version of the magnums, at a price of 79p for 3 I can easily afford to fill a freezer for a few desserts

  5. That Moser Roth sea salt chocolate is my absolute favourite treat, and the individual size is really good helping me with my portion size and self restraint

  6. I am a huge fan of Aldi’s Lacura range and have just discovered their gorgeous cream cleanser with cloth which is a dupe of Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. Fabulous, really fabulous.

  7. Yes the Topaz Blue gin is lush. I”ve not tried the candles or reed sticks. Next on my list for sure! Thanks for the top tip.

  8. The Posh Gin Trend is great at Aldi, there is a Gingerbread Gin Liquer for £9.99 and it could be my downfall 😉

  9. The diffusers have always been my favourite, they smell amazing and last so much longer than other brands I try!

  10. The No 4 room spray – ver Jo Malone Pear and Freesia. Lovely scent for a quick spritz when the house smells of cooking or I’ve been having a deep clean and the smell of cleaning products is too much.

  11. they have these goat cheese bakery things, I don’t know what they are called but I can’t leave the store without buying one

  12. I have only recently discovered Aldi, but actually love everything! Can’t believe how cheap it is and how similar the products are to branded. We love their own Hula Hoops!

  13. I love Aldi especially thier Lacurra suncream which is much better at 5 star protection than the nivea brands and much much cheaper! I also love thier olive oils and garlic oil so much cheaper!

  14. I love the No 1 candles, up until now I didn’t realise they were Jo Malone dupes tho! I would never pay forty off quid for a candle though

  15. We have just moved home and built up a good stock of the room sprays, diffusers and candles. They are amazing and such great value.

  16. There version of Carex handbags the strawberry and bubblegum. Exactly same but cheaper price and Aldi’s is a bigger bottle

  17. Tell me your favourite Aldi Dupe product
    l don’t know if this counts as dupe, but the fresh fruit and veg knocks spots off the rest

  18. I love the Lime, mandarin and basil room diffusers too. I had a Jo Malone one as a gift but could not afford to replace it so now I use these regularly.

  19. I must admit I don’t shop much at Aldi, but I will definitely be trying the Aussie dupe range after reading your blog post!!

  20. i love the defusers as I don’t have much left budget wise end of the week this is a nice treat and the fragrance last a long time

  21. Aldi Topaz Blue gin is brilliant , cannot possibly imagine who they are trying to duplicate …is there another gin name after some blue precious stone possibly ? lol

  22. I love their cleaning products, they all do the exact same job as their pricier counterparts and save me so much money

  23. Mine is aldi amaretto! Much cheaper than disarrno and tastes the same! I save about £8 per bottle getting it from Aldi!

  24. i love aldi and they have loads of dupes that i swear by!!! i love the terrys chocolate orange dupes they taste juste like the original

  25. I have a few favourite dupes! My daughter loves the Teddy crisps, they are a really good, and much cheaper version of Pom Bears, I am really impressed with the Almat Stain-Lift Gel Washing Liquid, it’s half the price of it’s dupe and I am really impressed with it!

  26. The hot cloth cleanser! I’ve used the Liz Earle one for years and the lacura one has saved me a fortune since I discovered it!

  27. I don’t know where to start! Two items that are better than a dupe because my kids prefer the Aldi versions are Mini Cheddars and Jaffa Cakes. Their stuffing mix is identical to Paxo but way cheaper and their mini versions of Magnum icecreams are identical to the original but the small sizes are perfect for a small treat without overdoing it.

  28. I always shop at aldis, all the food atste the same as ur branded products even the fizzy juice etc, and less than half the price of other retailer

  29. I love most the Aldi own brand versions- my most recent discovery has been their dupe of the Aussie range as I’ll only use the miracle moist range but I’m now a definite convert and along with their Gordon gin dupe I’m easily saving £10 every 6 weeks on those alone!!!

  30. The Lacura Hot cloth cleanser is absolutely fab, and a fraction of the price of the Liz Earl equivalent! Love it

  31. We love Aldi! my favourite is the peppermint tea triangle bags. Less than half the price of rivals and taste the same!

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