The Money Guide to Transform Your Life by Lynn Beattie

Giving you the tools you need to manage your money now and in the future.

My goal is to empower you with financial understanding and freedom. Written for all audiences, especially women who want to gain confidence in handling personal finances.

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“Arriving at university at the age of 18 I was handed my first credit card by my bank. This was the beginning of more than two decades worth of addiction to debt and of having to teach myself how to escape its clutches.”

In this ‘how-to-guide’, gifted mathematician, accountant and money blogger Lynn Beattie reveals the struggles she has faced with money and how she overcame them to transform her life.

Offering fresh insight on the truth about the emotional nature of our relationship with cash, Lynn talks about budgeting and saving on household bills, food, family time, as well as the more socially taboo subjects of debt repayment and making money.

Each chapter is packed full of personal real-life experience, guidance, and tools to transform your life, from your every-day money management through to helping with long term financing to achieve economic independence. Bursting with passion to enable everybody to have the freedom that financial understanding brings, The Money Guide to Transform your Life gives you the means by which you can successfully manage your money now and in the future.


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