Charities I Support

The motivation for Mrs Mummypenny since I founded it in 2013 was always to help people. I specialise in sharing guidance and tips on personal finance, with an added focus on body and mind. How to save money for now and for the future. Also mental health solutions and physical health inspiration, the three areas are so closely linked.

There are several charities that I feel a close alignment to for personal reasons plus we have shared values and objectives.

Debt Charities – FREE ADVICE

Christians Against Poverty – CAP

Step Change

There is no shame in debt, it is a very useful tool in the smoothing of finances over life, good debt like mortgages or a loan to buy a car to get you to work. Credit cards absolutely have their purpose when managed carefully, but when debt gets out of control it causes problems. I have been there several times in my life, the debt cycle is real until you can break it. My last and final time of being in debt was from 2017 to 2019 where I paid off £16k in two years.

If you don’t know where to turn and you are struggling with essential bills and minimum debt payments then I recommend you talk to CAP or Step Change. They offer amazing resources and one-to-one help. They will help with creating a budget and give amazing advice.

But please these charities are hugely overwhelmed, and so very under-resourced and busy. If you can work out a plan by yourself, maybe looking at my debt resources, reading my book or downloading my FREE budget toolkit, then please do.

Grief Charity

My parents died suddenly, both from heart attacks when I was 16 (mum) and 19 (dad). I received no help, no counselling or therapy and struggled hugely as result. Grief Encounter are a wonderful charity whom are there to help children who are bereaved with therapy and help.

I always give to this wonderful charity. Every year I do a charity challenge, last year I did the Appalachian challenge with Eve, Mel and Kathryn and raised £4k for Grief Encounter. 2022 sees us do a Pole to Pole challenge where we run, walk, cycle, yoga, zumba, our way to 20,000 km. You can sponsor us here, as at Dec 2022 we are 5,000 km into our challenge.