Aldi Christmas Food – The best year yet!

This week was a highlight in the Mrs Mummypenny diary. It was the Aldi Christmas Spectacular event in London where all of the products for Christmas, food, booze, homewear, gifting, toys and make up is showcased.

Aldi Christmas FoodThere was so much to see and try and I took so many pictures. For this post I am sharing the food. I will include all the non-food product in another post that you can read here.

I tried so much food so will be sharing my personal favourites. And there was alot!

Party Food Nibbles & Starters

Party Food is up there as some of my favourite foods. You cant beat a Christmas buffet packed of the most amazing bite sized goodies.

We started with salmon. There was the most amazing specially selected salmon, salmon in Aldi gin and salmon loins. I can confirm they all tasted amazing.

Aldi Christmas Food 

A meat platter with olives is a staple party plate in my house and Aldi doesnt let us down with this beautiful selection. I tasted the pork pies, the individual pies topped with cranberries were excellent.

Aldi Christmas Food

The hot party range was amazing with very good meat and vege options. The dimsum were very good, along with the mini burgers and spring rolls.

Aldi Christmas Food Aldi Christmas Food Aldi Christmas Food

The Cheese

Oh my gosh the cheese. I adore a cheese board and probably choose that over the dessert. Aldi have some very special new editions for the Christmas range this year. The chutney Red Leicester was amazing along with my personal favourite the truffle gouda. I do love a truffle cheese and this one was amazing. 

I may have hovered by the cheese table for a while chatting to the cheese buyer and eating…a lot!

Aldi Christmas Food 

The Main Event Aldi Christmas Food – The Meats 

The meat that impressed me the most this year was the incredible sausage selection. Guilty admission, the pig in blanket is my favourite part of Christmas dinner. It was very exciting to see the variations on the pig in blanket this year. The 2 metre long piggy being super special.

Aldi Christmas Food

There was also three little piggies, sausages on cocktails sticks, sausage stuffing. It really was sausage heaven.

Aldi Christmas Food

I loved the turkey. It was really pleasing to see a very tasty looking crown as well as the whole bird, which can sometimes be too much for Christmas dinner. 

Aldi Christmas Food Aldi Christmas Food

I do love a Christmas gammon as well, normally something I might cook for Christmas Eve. The gammon at Aldi comes with the sauces included making it easy to just throw it into the oven. 

Aldi Christmas Food

And there was a really great vegetarian range, I tasted the mushroom and sweet potato in pastry, matched with a beautiful red wine. It tasted as rich as meat, a brilliant alternative to meat.

Aldi Christmas Food

Onto the Desserts

The desserts range was impressive with some amazing frozen and fresh options. Along with Christmas pudding and statement chocolate pieces perfect for the middle of the Christmas table.

Aldi Christmas Food

Here are the statement bauble and chocolate soldier. The snowflake chocolate tastes very good, I can confirm.

Aldi Christmas Food Aldi Christmas Food 

And I loved this Christmas cake, beautifully decorated.

Aldi Christmas Food

And last but not least the Drinks

I walked around the event with a glass of the Aldi Monsigny champagne, a beautiful champagne that costs just £12.49 a bottle. We were gifted with a bottle in the goodie bag as well.

The gin range was super special, I tried a few and really loved the spiced plum and apple flavoured gins. The plum gin was amazing and could even be sipped over ice. 

Aldi Christmas Food

I found a very lovely rose wine, a sweet wine that tasted of fruit salad sweets. I loved it. Perfect for the person who loves sweeter wine. And then Josh fro the wine team took me through the sweet wine range, dessert wines and port. I must highly recommend the Aldi sweet wine that tasted like pure honey. 

Aldi Christmas Food Aldi Christmas Food

I hope you enjoyed my tour of the Aldi Christmas Food range, I will be back with another post very soon with the highlight from non food including makeup, candles, homewear, clothing.

Or for a sneaky peak, check out this video tour I recorded at the Aldi event.


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