I am excited to announce that I am the new personal finance expert working exclusively with Vodafone. What, I hear you say? As you‘re probably aware, I know A LOT about mobile phones and the broadband, and after doing my research on the company and its values, I knew that Vodafone was the right brand to partner with, as they are as committed to helping their customers save as I am.

And what makes Vodafone even more of a great partner is that they are doing so much to help us to save money – including how to get your hands on the latest tech without breaking the bank!

In my first article I highlight the best ways you can affordably get your hands on the latest tech devices with Vodafone:

Take advantage of trading in

By trading in your old mobile, you could save hundreds on a new smartphone, by using Vodafone’s trade-in tool available through the My Vodafone app. You can choose whether to get the trade in value as cash, credit towards a new contract or mobile phone bill credit – money that can be used to make sure the latest tech is always within reach.

Avoid paying twice

Lots of mobile phone contracts including Vodafone’s Unlimited Max + Entertainment package) let you choose additional benefits like YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime or Spotify over a 24-month contract period. Don’t double up and pay for your own if it’s already included in a package deal.

Look for money-saving benefits

Once you’ve got your hands on a new device, you don’t want to be stung by unexpected costs. Vodafone Evo plans include Battery Refresh and Device Care, offering long term protection and peace of mind.

Take back control

Most pay monthly mobile plans have limited choice on how long you must pay off your device. Vodafone’s EVO plans, puts you back in control of how you pay for your new smartphone – offering the flexibility to decide how much you want to pay upfront. Also over how long you want to pay it off – from three to 36 months completely interest free. If you’re a Vodafone EVO customer, you can also take advantage of flexible upgrades. Which means you can get a new phone from 3 months into your plan, as well as choosing to trade in your old smartphone to make your next phone more affordable.

Look for package deals

They’re not only good for holidays, but they can also help you save on the latest tech too. Network providers often offer discounts through bundle deals, for example Vodafone’s Vodafone Together package brings together mobile and broadband and can save customers up to £380 a year.

This is a collaborative article in partnership with Vodafone.


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