Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

July is that time of year where retailers show off their exciting Christmas products that they think we will all be buying. From food to gifts, technology to Christmas jumpers, its all there in July.

Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

I have been to a few events in my time and Amazon stands out as a 100% go to event. It is held in Billingsgate on the side of the Thames, very near to my old place of work St. Magnus house my first proper graduate job at HSBC.

I walked the event in this order and these are the products that stood out and grabbed my attention. I have included ink to all products and these are affiliate links so I get a commission if you do buy but this in no way affects the price you pay. Also I highly recommend Amazon Prime if you are not already a member. I love it. The free next day delivery is amazing plus the music. film and books all included. And of course the 16th July is Amazon prime day where there will be a ton of goodies for cheap as chips prices. I know I will be having a look around tomorrow. This link will get you 30 days of Prime for free. Why not give it a try. I have had it for 3 years, I am a convert!

Football Goodies for the boys

First stop was the Flick Urban football company at the entrance, a piece of equipment that we already have. That enables your children to practise essential skills by themselves. We had a wonderful chat about academy football, he has been through it with his son. And we will do some work together!

It is a huge building with so much to see, I could have spent six hours there, but I only had three! This year I got to take a guest, my guide and strategic advisor Andrew came along with me, an ex-Amazon employee, we thought it would be interesting for him to see it from my side. His big piece of feedback is that I spent too much time talking! Yes, that is me.

Coffee and Clever Tech Solutions

We started with a coffee from a very fancy coffee machine operated via an app on a tablet. Yes, this event was going to impress us with technical stuff all the way. The first section we explored was the tech sections. We met a man selling special ski insoles to measure your ski IQ. Yes.

I met a lovely woman who had a product that can analyse your nutritional weaknesses, called VITL. I was really interested to try this product to see if I am lacking in vitamin D physiologically hence the SAD, or I am lacking in magnesium hence me often feeling tired. A simple blood test is sent off and they come back to you with the results. They also offer a wide range of nutritional supplements all available on Amazon, I have some Vitamin D3 to try out

I also met the team from MyHeritage who told me all about DNA testing, I have done my cheek swabs and sent off my DNA to be tested. I will be finding out where my roots and heritage lie, a mini Who do you think you are will be done for me!

Food & Drink Section

The next section to visit was food and drink as we were feeling a bit peckish. I tried amazing cheese, oh the cheese. All available to order from Amazon and collect at Wholefood. Look at this wonderful picture!

Cheese selection Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

I tried the lightest cupcakes from Betty Crocker available from Amazon Pantry. Smoked salmon cured in gin, so good. I had a chat to the beers, wines and spirits Amazon team who amazed me with their product range. You literally can get anything from Amazon. Just look at this fancy pink vodka, available for Christmas but you can buy it now. I also have information that the champagne is incredible value for money, Moet for £28.99 (at 15th July 2018)

Betty Crocker Cupcakes Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

Pink vodka Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

Amazon Handmade

We then wondered into Amazon handmade, probably my favourite section of the event. We saw earrings from Lual Earrings and later made those said earrings in the same style ourselves. Yes, I got covered in glitter and of course I made purple earrings, with a tassel. And I got Andrew to make some too (he picked his colours and glitter and tassle and asked the earring company to use their creative genius to make the earrings)

We met the husband and wife owners of ManGunBear a beautiful leather company that make stunning products, bags, wallets, luggage labels. I adored their story and yes spent a long time talking to them.

Man gun Bear Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

We met the guys from One Time gin and tasted all the gins. Very lovely product with beautiful packaging and its made very near to where I live. I will be paying the distillery a visit. We also had lunch with one of the guys from the team and loved talking about what its like to work with Amazon, pricing, marketing and a bit of chat about cryptocurrency!

 Flowerbomb Gin Amazon Christmas Wish List Event 2018

Audible Audio Books 3 months for free

Time was beginning to run out basically because I had spent too much time talking. And I had another meeting to dash to in the city. I did have a quick chat to the audible guys as I keep meaning to sign up. I have too many books to read and I am thinking if I listen to the audio version I will be able to consume them quicker, maybe, or in the car driving to football, or on the train. They were also very helpful with advice on what I need to do about creating an audio version of Blogging Your Way To Riches. If you join Audible using this link you get a whole 3 months for free, then its £7.99 per month afterwards, bargain for the summer holidays reading. For FREE!

Please do check out this video of Josh and I going through the products that came in the goody bag, or that I picked up along the way. Its very funny, particularly when Josh asked if the DNA kits would say if I had any Chinese roots. Josh has a classic sense of humour, a bit of a natural YouTuber😉

Disclaimer- I received the goody bag products free of charge but received no further payment to attend the event. And this post contains affiliate links that will earn me a small commission if you buy the product but does not affect the price you pay.


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