Monday Money #13 Poundland & Summer Holiday Savings

Summer Holiday Savings

Here is Monday Money post 13, part of the series I’m hosting with Faith from Much More With Less. It’s a great way to share content about money, so do check the links at the end for other brilliant money posts! Find out how to join in if you’re a blogger. We would love you to add your posts.

This is the final Monday Money linky before the summer holidays. I don’t want to say ever as we might bring it back in the future. The summer holidays begin next week and I cannot wait to have some time off with the family.

Thank you for taking part in this wonderful linky. I have discovered many new bloggers who I shall continue to read and share. Thank you for taking part.

How to make summer holiday savings

I have a jar, currently filled with hearts. Stone heart that I find on the beach. Every holiday I scour the beach for these beautiful shaped rocks and I have a few. I saw my wonderful friend Becky had a jar of hearts in her writing space, so thought I would do the same.

And for the summer holidays we add post it notes with ideas on things to do each day. Each of the boys and I write out 5 ideas each, fold them up and add them to the jar. When we have a day where we need to think of stuff we choose a random idea. I use ideas from this post to inspire as they are free, or very low cost.

Note to Self Journal

I have been really good at using my Note to Self Journal that I got from the Mindful Living Show in June. Every day I am recording daily positive activities. The time I get up, daily gratitude, exercise, food, water, alcohol. There is a section for self care and affirmations and a small section for a to-do list.

Make it Happen journal

I love how I am in this routine now and can reflect back on days where Ive not looked after myself and had a pretty awful day. Its helping me to focus on eating good food, exercise and drink more water. And I am a big believer in your to-do list only being 3-4 things long.

If you want this very same journal, I have a voucher code to save you 10% off, so including postage it cost you just £14.49. Just pop mrsmummypenny into the voucher code box. Far less money than other journals for sale, and Wendy who created this journal is so lovely.

My Parking Fine is Cancelled

I got a parking fine from Aldi in June. I forgot to enter my car number plate on the store system whilst shopping there. Parking Spy issued me with the fine and I appealed it. I wasted a load of time on the online appeal that would not accept my email address. So then resorted to a letter with a copy of my receipt.

I finally heard back last week that the fine had been cancelled. but like why not just HAVE a telephone number I could call or an email address I could write to with my appeal. I had proof that it was wrong. Anyways, the £40 fine doesn’t have to be paid, but I did waste an hour of my precious time sorting it out. Redic.

Poundland Christmas

I spent an hour at the Poundland Christmas Banta Clause event last week. It was lots of fun, the products were amazing and incredible value for £1. I loved the Christmas decorations, the cards and the gifts. Cheeky and the type of thing my boys would love. And they let me keep the purple dinosaur decoration. Here is the Facebook Live I recorded whilst there giving you a tour to see everything.

Chocca Wednesday and Chocky Wocky Doo Daa

I do like to pack in a full on day when I am in London. Last week was nothing different. I started the day testing a website for a friend. Did my best to break it and offer an honest view of a real life customer using the website. It was fun. This was near Holborn, then I walked over to Covent Garden for meeting number 2, lunch at the hospital club to talk all things strategy, planning, communications, commercials. Was a very good meeting in a beautiful location with great food and cocktails. The it was onto Poundland and a train ride home for the England game.

choccy wocky

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  1. I can’t believe I’m only just joining in now on the final week of Money Monday! It’s great to be involved all the same, looking forward to having a nosey round at the other blogs!

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