Monday Money #200- Celebrating 200 Spending Diary/Monday Money Posts

WOW I’ve made it to 200 of these weekly spending dairy posts! More than four years of sharing a regular post every week (or nearly every week) where I share everything that I spend. Highlighting thousands of ways to save money on every day spending through to essential bills and saving for the future.

Its now a part of my Monday routine, and I enjoy doing it. It keeps me accountable with my money. I understand exactly where I spend most of my money, where I am being good and where I need to cut back. I understand my trigger moments intricately and know exactly when my emotional, angry, frustrated mood will cause me to spend. I still spend, but much less than I used to.

This is such a great process to get in control of your spending, give it a try, see how it makes you feel.

A Busy Social Week

Last week was a week without my children and it was busy with fun social stuff. I was in London on Wednesday and fitted a lot in. I met with my wonderful friend Julie for a visit to the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition, such a wonderful couple of hour of browsing some incredible art. We then had a picnic in a park near by. I resisted purchasing art at the exhibition, mainly because Julie had brought me a piece of her art.

These were my favourite pieces, one was 45k, the other was £100. which is which?

I then met my editor from The Mirror for a few drinks, plotting content future and catch up on life in general. Next onto Liverpool St for Portuguese dinner with my best uni friends. We ate amazing food and drank far too much wine. Total spend for the day was £188, ouch, £80 on dinner, another £30 on a bottle of wine after dinner (because obviously we hadn’t had enough to drink by then) and £55 on the art from my friend.

Days out in London are expensive.

Thursday Recovery Day

I attempted recovery on Thursday by going for a long walk, then went to John Lewis. Despite my delicate feeling I resisted spending and ONLY bought new headphones in the sale for £25. I refuse to buy expensive Samsung headphones when I can get JLAB really good ones for £25. No clothes bought, despite me browsing and trying a few things on. I feel this is an achievement.

I had awful anxiety that day, caused partly by wine the previous day. Also having a difficult conversation with a person who dumped a lot of their baggage onto me inappropriately. A person who I hadn’t known very long and felt they could vent. I was not their person and it made me feel very sad and upset.

Luckily I was due to meet wonderful Eve for dinner after work, we had cocktails, Thai and put the world to rights. I also sat here and chilled for a bit before meeting Eve.

Food Spend

My food was was pretty high again last week, despite me also going out a couple of time with dinner being paid for me too! Eating out was £178 and groceries was much smaller at £80 (lifted up by an M&S shop, I love it at the new shop thats opened near by).

I recognise that food spend is my biggest controllable expense, that is out of control. But I like to eat out with my friends, so its something that I won’t be looking to reduce as its the price I pay for my social life, that keeps me very much alive.

500k Steps Challenge

In July I am taking part in a 500k steps challenge with a few girls on Twitter. I am making a huge effort to get out running and walking miles upon miles. And I’m smashing it. After 10 days I had hit 195k steps, with several huge 25k step days. Why are we doing it? No reason, apart from healthiness, getting fit and being a bit competitive with each other. This is me after a very hot 5km run, followed by a 7km walk. And the best thing about it, 500k steps challenge is FREE!

My total spend for the week was £638. Chunky considering there was only a £25 car insurance bill in there. Business expenses made up £162 with a few annual IT costs hitting. My food was £250. Fun spends were £120, made up with nails, art and new headphones.

I also saved £50 into plum auto savings and my mortgage overpayment. Then finally my cleaner costs were £45.

Will I save More this week?

I will spend less this week. I have the boys all week, which means much less social life spending. However does mean, big fuel costs as there is A LOT of football this week, six days out of seven we have training and games. Mostly far away in Newmarket. Ah well. Mum football life. Ill go back to fuel efficiency post and refresh my mind on how to save money driving!!


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