I earned £113 last week from mystery shopping. You can too!

 I earned £113 last week from mystery shopping. You can too!

Every now and again I give money making mission a try. I like to give them a go myself then I can talk on her honestly about how I found the experience and if I would do it again.

I am a member of many mystery shopping programs. In the past, I have worked with Proinsight, GFK, RedWigWam, Frontier and Ragdoll. Wow that’s quite a list of companies to register with. Something must really spark my interest to get me to do a mystery shop. It needs to be something I really want to do or something that pays a nice amount of money.

Bank Mystery Shop

Whilst on holiday I got an email about doing a bank mystery shop, these often result in higher payments so I replied asking for more details. It was an £80 payment so I accepted it.

The process was simple involving a recording device where I had to go in and book an appointment, and then go open a bank account and a regular savings account. All together it took around three hours of my time to go to the branch and fill in the mystery shop questionnaire afterwards.

However, now I am trying to shut the account down within my 14-day cooling off period and getting it removed from my credit file is another issue. So far this week I have spent 60 minutes on the phone attempting to shut the accounts down and get the £50 back from my saving account I had set up. So far, I have been given £20 compensation for time wasted trying to get this simple act done.

Is it worth it for the payment?

Is it worth it for £100? It is, despite my frustration at lack of help getting everything shut down. £100 is a lot of money at the end of the day! Its paid for our two weeks Aldi shop yesterday!

I have been on this companies books for 2 years now and it’s taken this long to be offered big well-paid job so if you want to give a bank mystery shop a go I have a better solution. I did a shop with Ragdoll last year. It was a nice simple bank insurance mystery shop. It was all recorded and all I had to do was return the recording device. I was then paid £45 for this visit. It took 1 hour of my time with no forms to fill in afterwards. I just had to return the recording device. For a more comprehensive description see this post.

They have different product shops available from insurance products to mortgages, with a mortgage application paying a nice £75, so if you want an easy way to make £50/£75 in an hour go this form and fill in your details. I will get a small referral fee if you go to complete the mystery shop so thank you for clicking on the link, so please be sure to add my name Lynn James in the referrer box.

Sushi Mystery Shop

Also last week I got a phone call from the guys at Proinsight who needed me to take a trip to a local supermarket and buy some sushi. The payment was £7 plus £6 worth of product and I was going to the supermarket anyways so it paid a bit towards my shopping and I got some free sushi. Pictures were required and I was to fill in a questionnaire when I got home. I have done health and fitness shops with this company even spa reviews. Being paid to review a spa, go on then!

Have you ever done a mystery shop before? Do you enjoy them?

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6 Responses

  1. I’ve done a few mystery shops over the years but recently it’s something I’ve struggled to fit in around work and the kids. Could just do with a few more hours in the day and I’d be sorted 🙂

    1. Lol yes, free food is always nice. I did a few aunt bessie ones last year and ended up with 40 yorkshire puddings

  2. I love mystery shopping, but have barely done any for a while. You have inspired me to get back on it! I like GFK and have done most of mine with them in the past. Gosh, sounds like a complete faff though with the bank account closure. I’m glad to hear they compensated you. Nice that it paid for your food shop too!

    1. Haha yes a faff, its took three phonecalls to close the account, I am after compensation now! Try out the Ragdoll banking mystery shop, a much easier way to get £50!

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