Mystery Shopping: How to Make an Easy £50 an Hour

I have tried so many money making schemes since I have been working on Mrs Mummypenny, some are good, some are far more hassle then they are worth (questionnaires anyone?? I struggle with those!).  This mystery shopping assignment, I promise, is a tried and tested way of making £50 that I highly recommend to people time and time again. And if you can make use of £50 (who can’t!) then read on about my favourite mystery shopping & how to make an easy £50!


A wonderful friendly company called Ragdoll run mystery shopping assignments for banks. They are constantly on the look out for people to do a mystery shop visit for them. It might be a mortgage application, or an insurance application, credit card application, any product readily available from a bank.

They provide comprehensive instructions on what you need to say and do and it will take around an hour of your time. If you can do the mortgage mystery shop the payment is a nice £75, most other products are £50.

The Mystery Shop Experience

You just need to behave as if you are a real customer looking to purchase the product. The meeting will be recorded using some clever spy like devices which you send back to Ragdoll (all postage expenses reimbursed) and then a few days later you call up to cancel the product, at no cost to yourself.

Very soon afterwards, once the recordings are approved a cheque will arrive in the post from Ragdoll. See what I mean, really one of the easiest ways to earn £50 that I have investigated.

Register Your Interest Here

To register your interest please go to the following form and enter your contact details.  Please mention me Lynn James in the recruiter box section as I will earn a small commission for referring you to Ragdoll. Thank you.





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  1. This one is a really good high paying one, they normally pay around £10 plus free products. £50 = lovely

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