Hamerton Zoo – A great day out with the family

Hamerton Zoo

We all love a zoo or a wildlife park and last week we all had a wonderful day out at Hamerton Zoo. This is a zoo that we’ve not been to before and we gave it a go as its near to our relocation town of Godmanchester.

Hamerton is in the middle of the country side around 10 minutes from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire. As you arrive there are donkeys everywhere in the fields next to the car parks. I love donkeys and this is quite the theme for the park, I counted maybe 25 donkeys throughout the park, American mammoth, baudet-du-poitou are amongst the rare breeds and brand-new babies.

We arrived just before lunchtime and took our time exploring the park before chilling in the park with the picnic we brought.

Animals doing fun stuff

It was lovely to see lots of the animals awake and running around doing cool stuff. The boys loved the chipmunks who had a fab cage with all sorts of bridges to run along, over our heads. There was a theme throughout the zoo where the animals had big enclosures and cages, this was lovely to see.

hamerton zoo

We saw lemurs, giant tortoises (whom I told the boys were fighting, but were really baby making!!), vultures, flamingos, beautiful cranes, wallabies. The wallabies were white and had just had babies.

hamerton zoo hamerton zoo

I have a thing for sloths and meerkats who were right next to each other. One day I must go to South America and cuddle a sloth, it will happen. Meerkats are just the cutest animals ever, they are always active running around digging holes or scrapping. With one always standing on top of a mound keeping guard.

hamerton zoo

There were lots of big cats who were all out prowling their cage, maybe it was near to feeding time? We sat the cheetahs, the lynx, the orange tigers and the white tigers. The white tiger brother and sister had a big scrap in front of us which the boys loved.

hamerton zoo

There is a petting section where you can pay 20p to get a handful of food and the baby goats descend on you to eat it all up very quickly. They were ever so friendly. Right next to the goats were the camels and they have loads of them, I counted maybe 8 camels.

hamerton zoo


There is a café with a nice choice of well-priced food but I had brought a picnic on my mission to save money this summer. There are plenty of picnic benches scattered around the park but we camped out in the park where the boys spent at least an hour exploring and playing on the equipment. It was a good park with stuff for all ages. And I could lay and chill out!

Train ride is a must with little children

Every good zoo has a train so this was a must to take a trip on the train which ran every 10 minutes around the zoo. Jack especially loved the train ride. This cost £2 per person. The train drives slowly along the same paths that you walk so be sure to look out for the train. And that song, I would still sing you chorus now as I heard it so many times.

hamerton zoo

End of the Visit

Every visit to the zoo ends with a trip to the shop, Hamerton kindly gifted us with a voucher for £25 to spend on the café, train or shop. We used some of it for the train and then the boys had £6 each to spend in the shop. Josh chose some very pretty fool’s gold and a panda purse, Jack chose a dinosaur egg that cracks open in water and a baby dinosaur is born. Dylan chose stationery (so my son!) and a boomerang!

A wonderful day out with the children that everyone enjoyed. We will be returning.

Thank you to Hamerton Zoo Park who offered this visit free of charge.

I have a fabulous competition to win a family pass for Hamerton Zoo Park, just click on the gleam entry below for the entry options, lots of simple ways to enter the prize draw.

Hamerton Zoo Park


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  1. We love a zoo too, not heard of this one before but it sounds very sweet – great to have on your doorstep! We have some friends who live that way so would be a lovely place to meet. My favourite animal at a zoo is either the meerkats too- they are always so active! – or a giraffe, just because I love the way they use their toungues to eat!

  2. Just checked with my 4 year old and after going through all the animals she can think of decided on Giraffes because they have long necks!!! Have to agree with her !

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