Mobile Tyre Fitting: 5 Ways It Can Help You Stay Safe on the Road

Mobile tyre fitting is a fairly new phenomenon on the UK’s roads, but it is one that is rapidly growing in popularity. Not only is mobile tyre fitting supremely convenient (they’ll come to your premises to change or fit your tyres while you get on with other things) but it helps to keep you safe on the road too. Let’s take a look at five ways mobile tyre fitting can help you stay safe on the road.

No Low-Loader, No Towing

If you have a breakdown, it is a dangerous time: you’re vulnerable and exposed, often on a busy motorway which is designed for cars to whiz along at great speed, and has little accommodation for people to be standing, sitting, or even be parked on the side. You should always pull as far off to the side of the shoulder as you can, preferably giving you and your passengers access to the outside on that side, so you can get out and move away from the vehicle while you wait for the tyre fitter to arrive. Your mobile tyre fitter will come and help move the vehicle to a safe place, if necessary, before he or she gets to work replacing your tyres. This means you won’t need to wait for a low-loader or tow-truck to arrive, instead getting on with the repair immediately. But mobile tyre fitters are not only an emergency service: if you are searching for a reliable mobile tyre fitting garage near you, Reg Greenwood offers online booking and the fitters will come to your workplace or home & replace your tyres professionally.

It’s Like a Garage on Wheels

Having your tyres fitted by a mobile tyre fitter gives you the same benefits that taking your car to your local garage – and all at a place and time that are suitable for you. This means that you can get your tyres sorted out as soon as they need to be changed, rather than waiting and trying to find the time to free up several hours to get it done.

It’s Cost-Effective

Mobile tyre fitters are cheaper than garages with premises due to their lower overheads, which means you’ll have a bit more cash to invest on extra features that will add safety and comfort to your ride.

They Can Give You A Quick Check-up

Mobile tyre fitters have a plethora of technology packed into their vans, and this means that as well as checking your tyres, they can give your vehicle a quick ‘health check’ to make sure that your wheels and tyres are in good shape and ready to get you around and about for a good while longer.

You Can Drive Away Afterwards

But, perhaps the best feature of mobile tyre fitting is that no matter where you are or why you called the mobile fitter, once he or she has finished the job, you can drive away. This means that you are not forced to spend time in strange places, whether the area by a garage or by the side of the road, instead able to leave the safety of known premises to get in your car and travel to another known place of safety.

Mobile tyre fitting is cost-effective and convenient – but it can also keep you safe on the road, ensuring your car is in great condition and in possession of your vehicle at all times. And that’s great for peace of mind.


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