Five Benefits of Considering Car Service on Time

From Dundee to Dunstable, you need to think about car servicing on a regular basis. All too often, car owners postpone or even miss their annual car service thinking that letting a few months to a year slip past won’t matter that much. This is a problem that can be found from Stirling to Stevenage and from Lockerbie to London Colney. In short, avoiding servicing is something that some car owners, no matter where they might live, think might be a good way of economising. It rarely is, however. Read on to find out why.


The timely servicing of your car is important to ensure it is safe to drive. This isn’t just a benefit to you but your passengers and other road users, too. Neglecting your usual servicing regime may lead to undetected wear and tear. In turn, this can compromise the efficacy of brakes, tyres, lights and other systems. The result of this would be not being able to avoid potential hazards on the road. Procrastinating on a car service can inadvertently become a high-risk option. In short, it isn’t worth waiting until your MOT if you want to drive safely. Book a service sooner rather than later.

Vehicle Longevity

Consistent and timely maintenance is crucial for all vehicles from compact runarounds to much larger 4×4 and prestige models. As with any complex machinery, cars benefit from periodic checks a great deal. Simple part replacements can have a big impact on how long a car will last. However, ensuring smoother driving from a service isn’t just about fitting new parts but also taking telemetry from modern diagnostic tools, these days. Such technology helps to stave off the inevitable degradation that comes with an ageing car. In essence, a car serviced within its recommended schedule will mean it remains in prime condition, ready to be driven for many years to come.

Fuel Economy

There is an undeniable correlation between a well-maintained vehicle and how fuel-efficient it is. Delaying your service to an 18-month schedule, for example, can result in the accumulation of issues that degrade fuel economy. Problems like partially clogged air filters or spark plugs that are no longer in A1 condition will be picked up during a car service. Equally, your tyres will be checked to make sure they are in sufficiently good condition to offer a low rolling resistance, something that can make your engine work harder for each mile you drive if it isn’t corrected. Wheel balancing is another key area that will be covered during most car services, something that your car shouldn’t go too long without whether you drive around the M25 every day or spend most of your time on coastal roads, like the A92.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Timely attention to even minor vehicle problems during a service is a proactive measure against future complications. Early detection during regular services will assist in nipping issues in the bud, stopping them from turning into more significant problems that would be pricier to resolve. Note that minor, major and professional car services in Dundee are available at Fife Autocentre from expert vehicle technicians. Similar services that can help to prevent unwanted expenditure are available throughout the country, of course.

Peace of Mind

Although delaying your next car service might seem like a good idea if your car appears to be running well, there is another factor that should be considered. Even though putting off a car service may be a false economy from a financial perspective, it is likely to be even more problematic if you start to feel anxious about delaying it. After all, missing entries in your logbook can devalue your car’s resale value. Why worry, when booking a car service takes such little effort on your part?


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