Winner of Best Parenting and Money Blog 2017

Winner of Best Parenting and Money Blog 2017

I only went and won an award!!

Meet Lynn James, founder of Mrs Mummypenny and now winner of Best Parent and Money Blog at the 2017 UK Money Blogger Awards. Sounds good doesn’t it! I am beyond happy and proud to win this award. To be voted by the public, then to be shortlisted and then chosen by an esteemed judging panel to win the awards feel perfect. To be recognised for my writing ability and honest and genuine style. Wow.

I didn’t get to say any thank you at the awards so I thought I would write a post about those whom have helped me over the past two years to make Mrs Mummypenny the incredible success that it is.

best parenting and money blog

The post I am most proud of that probably won me this award

I wrote my confessions of a personal finance blogger. I was scared to publish it but after a discussion with a certain David Taylor from Thinking Thrifty, I shared it with the world. It went a bit viral. I got the most amazing messages from people thanking me for their honesty and leaving me blog comments and sending messages.

Then it made it into The Huffington Post. Faith of Much More with Less was wonderful help with the writing of that post and has been the most supportive person with my budgeting and debt repayment plan.

The clients who have employed me

Yes, Mrs Mummypenny is a successful blog. I work with many clients producing incredible content on all sorts of fascinating areas of personal finance and lifestyle. Pensionbee have been awesome to work with and they helped me to sort out my pensions mess! The relationship continues to flourish with more content and exciting opportunities. I work with Aldi on many projects from skin care to clothing to candles to British Meats. My Aldi Christmas post is being read hundreds of time a day! I love discovering new and interesting products and services that make a real difference to peoples lives and will save them money.

The UK Money Blogger Community

I first joined the community back in January of 2016. It was small group of ever so helpful people whom you could ask any questions of. Andy Webb of Be Clever with my Cash has set up such an incredible community and works so hard each year to pull off the annual UK Money Bloggers conference and SHOMO awards. It was one of the first communities I joined that led to much of this other stuff that I am so grateful for.

My blogger tribe

I am a firm believer in building strong friendships with like minded people in your community. Emma Bradley of Mums Savvy Savings, Emma Drew of and Charlotte of Lottyearns are firm friends. We talk a lot, we share thoughts, concerns. Successes are celebrated and praise is given out. We learn so much from each other each bringing a different skill or expert area of knowledge to the table.

Writing a Book

Writing the book Blogging Your Way to Riches with Emma Bradley was a huge step up in authority in the blogging world. It was an incredible process to write a book and then watch it fly out of the Amazon door. It led to the set up Blogging Your Way To Riches the private Facebook group and the creation of our own network of supportive, helpful and positive bloggers.


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