Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX a new family car

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX – A new family car

We have been thinking about getting a new car for a while now. Last week we got to try out the new Vauxhall CrosslandX for a week to see if this was the new car for us.

We have a Ford Smax currently that we own outright. We have had this car for five years now, it was bought as an ex showroom model so we were the second owners but it had very few miles on the clock. Back then we had three small boys so we needed a big car. The Smax is big, loads of room in the back seat and an extra 2 seats in the boot should we need it.

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX - A new family car

Our car is now five years old and it has 70,000 miles on the clock. It’s time to get a new car. Five years of age is a good time to sell a car, before it has done too many miles and before it needs too much mechanical work done to it. Our car is currently up for sale on Auto Trader. We are trying the traditional online route to see if we can get a sale that way.

What Car do we get Next?

So what car do we go for next? The team from Vauxhall suggested that I tried out their new CrosslandX. Having it for a week was great, it meant we could give it good try out on long journey to football matches and training. We took it on shorter school runs. We took it to new places to try out the sat nav and I gave it a good test by taking to a hospital appointment to the smallest and tightest multi-story carpark that exists!

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX

The CrosslandX has recently been released at a new car aimed at families. It’s being advertised with the #pyjamamama hashtag and there has been lots of mums wearing pyjamas. This was step too far for me, going out in my pyjamas!

What did I love

The CrosslandX we were given was a top of the range model with lots of extras included that we don’t have in our current car. I must say I loved them and were all super useful. The cameras that switched on when you were turning or parking was brilliant and helpful. Particularly in the Lister hospital car park. This car park is possibly the hardest one I have ever parked in, even now after going there at least 50 times I still struggle around every narrow corner. The camera made it much easier to get around.

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX

The satnav was also good. Very easy to work out how to use and made getting to unknown places much simpler. I normally rely on google maps on my phone in my lap!

The car came with inbuilt Wifi. The boys adored this and were quite happy to sit in the back seat all connected to the Wifi with their tablets. There was also very clever technology where you could start the car via an app on your phone!! I am such a sucker for some smart technology in a car.

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX

I loved the efficiency tools on the dashboard. There is a very cool tool that tells you when to change gear and what gear to change to. This helps with fuel efficiency as mostly when we drive we change gear too late, costing us extra fuel as the engine struggles.

What I didn’t love

We are used to a big car and we felt that there was quite bit less space in the back seat. The Smax does offer three full seats when the CrosslandX was less than this, it was just a little tight for my three boys, aged nine, seven and four. This is maybe something that we just need to get used to though, as we really don’t need a car as big as the Smax anymore! Despite the lack of room in the back seats the boot was surprisingly big with plenty of space. More than enough room for all the football gear and shopping bags that fill our car boot regularly.

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX

The car didn’t have a 6th gear, an essential for fuel efficiency on a long drive. We did a few long drives in the car and I was often looking for the 6th gear to move the car into.

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX

Every time I turned the wheel or went around a corner the car would sound off an alarm, which I think was a skid risk? This set at a far too sensitive point so it just got annoying.


The CrosslandX was a lovely car. A really nice drive that both hubby and I enjoyed driving. A definite consideration for our next car once the Smax is sold. It’s plenty big enough for the family.  Plus all the trappings that go with family life needing a big boot space. The car looked cool and was easy to drive and get used to very quickly. If you are interesting in arranging a test drive click here and check out the Vauxhall range.


I was given the CrosslandX free of charge to review. This has not impacted my viewpoint in this article, hence the balanced review.

Review of Vauxhall CrosslandX


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    I always looked at the information about the new car on the website before buying it to view the car’s dimensions and fuel consumption. For me, it was always important that the car was roomy and not very expensive to maintain

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