Bringing Good Luck To Your Home: Arrangements & Décor Ideas


Do you believe every home exudes some energy? 

However, this energy is rarely inherent to a brick house. People’s presence, ideals, beliefs, and energy are mostly transferred to the house. 

Moreover, superstitious practices often provide a sense of control in a complex and unpredictable world. These practices, such as decorating your home with peonies flowers or keeping amethyst crystals, are linked to capturing positive energy and preventing negative events.  

Home cultural norms are tied to universal order, balance, and harmony. Therefore, making your home’s interior peaceful and comfortable is important. It helps counteract the risky outside world.  

Therefore, this post will help you with some of the best ideas that can help you create a positive vibe in your home. Consequently, the positive vibes can help you bring good luck to your home and those living there. 

Feng Shui Arrangements 

Feng Shui is a philosophy from ancient China that promotes balance and serenity through positive energy flow in homes.  

It optimizes “Chi” with earth, water, fire, wood, and metal elements. Implementing Feng Shui’s interior design principles is easy and results in a healthier, more harmonious home aesthetic.  

The simplicity of Feng Shui design improves mood and state of mind.  

Moreover, the goal of Feng Shui is to harmonise human habitats with the natural world, creating optimum conditions for success and luck.  

You can incorporate various beneficial Feng Shui items that help bring good luck. However, it can be overwhelming to determine where to start or what to do if a room is already decorated. 

Therefore, we have categorized activities that can help you incorporate good luck into your home by following the Feng Shui norms! 

Incorporate Lucky Symbols 

If you’re looking for some beautiful home decor to maintain the peace and harmony of your home, here are some Feng Shui symbols you can use to decorate your home: 

Lucky bamboo: Lucky bamboo is a plant that can be placed on the east or southeast side of the interior to attract wealth and ease financial struggles. It is typically grown in water but can thrive in soil. The water symbolizes the element of water, while the earth represents the earth. A vibrant red ribbon around the stalks symbolizes passion, enthusiasm, and transformation. This plant can thrive in both water and soil. 

Wind chimes: Wind chimes synchronize people with the five elements of nature: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Moreover, the sweeter the sound, the better luck it brings. Therefore, hang a wind chime with five pipes in the house to cast away bad luck. Furthermore, place a chime with six pipes in the north-western corner, while for a chime with seven pipes, you must put it on the western side of the residence or office. 

Laughing Buddha: A laughing Buddha statue, Hotei, brings wealth, luck, and prosperity to homes. Moreover, its large belly and happy face exude happiness. This statue, believed to be a Chinese monk, is best placed facing the east direction where the sun rises. Wealth increase can be placed in the southeast direction. It is best placed facing the main door for energy cleansing and positivity. 

Frog decor pieces: In Chinese culture, feng shui frog decor, also known as the money frog or three-legged toad, symbolizes prosperity and wealth. This frog appears during a full moon near a house or business that will receive good news, often related to wealth. Thus, to place the frog in the richest corner of the house, use a Feng Shui Bagua map stand at the home’s front entrance and face inside. 

Lucky tortoise: The tortoise, with its strong shell, symbolizes protection, longevity, wealth, and good health. It is considered a symbol of prosperity in Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Wooden tortoises are best kept in the east, while stone tortoises are best in the west. Clay tortoises should be kept in the northeast, center, or southwest, while metal tortoises should be kept in the north and northwest directions. 

Evil Eye: The Evil Eye is a great feng shui charm for protection. You can place it in your home, shop, or car to speed up blocked tasks. It’s a perfect gift for good wishes, wealth, and prosperity. To transform your living room into a neutral or positive space, hang the Evil Eye on the wall with ‘nazar dosh’ beads. You can also place it at the entrance to nullify bad energies from entering your house. Make sure to hang the Evil Eye in the opposite direction of your guests. 

Mandarin duck: Feng Shui Mandarin ducks, also known as love ducks, are sculptures in homes that attract love. These one-partner ducks cannot live long if separated and remain alone in hopes of their mate’s return. However, the placement is crucial in Feng Shui. Therefore, you must keep them in pairs, facing each other in the southwest of the home or the love area. 

Maintain The Energy Flow 

The Bagua, or the Feng Shui energy map, is a fundamental component of the Feng Shui tradition. It serves as a method to analyze and balance energy flow within a space, allowing for the channeling of energies to specific life concerns or creating a positive Feng Shui atmosphere in a home.  

The Bagua map comprises nine areas, each symbolizing a different aspect of life or ‘Guas.’  

This representation of our lives and the energy of each space helps to identify any balance deficits in the home that may correspond with difficulties encountered in everyday life.  

Moreover, Feng Shui consultants use the map to examine the floor plan and the client’s experience in that space.  

For instance, a home with a deficient Feng Shui wealth corner may resonate with an individual experiencing financial challenges, reflecting their personal energy field.  

The connection between these two deficits does not cause issues in the inhabitants’ lives but symbolically mirrors them.  

Incorporate Natural Elements 

Feng Shui also allows you to add natural elements to your home decor. It brings peace and harmony and makes your home one with nature. 

Therefore, consider natural materials like clay figurines, terra cotta planters, earthenware vases, and granite countertops to incorporate the earth element into your home.  

Moreover, metal structures with feng shui elements can bring creative energy and a sense of wanderlust to your home. They are mostly ideal for home offices, entryways, and mudrooms.  

Next, water is also a powerful element that promotes fluidity and is connected to your career. It provides prosperity and motivation in your work life.  

Lastly, adding wood to your home will welcome growth, nurture relationships, and wealth, resembling how plants grow and bring life to the world. You can do this literally and symbolically in your kitchen, living room, or bedroom. 

Colour Choices 

Colour plays a significant role in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, making it crucial to choose the right paint colour combinations for a home’s beauty and ambiance.  

Each room in a house draws different energy values, and choosing the right paint color can generate positive energy in your residence.  

Moreover, color psychology studies how being surrounded by colors for positive or negative energy can affect a person’s behavior. 

Colour plays a significant role in influencing mood, with warm colours like red, orange, and yellow promoting excitement and coziness and cool colours like blue, purple, and green creating a peaceful atmosphere but also causing sadness or isolation.  

Therefore, the best colors for a home depend on personal relationships with each color. However, the most positive-energy colors are essential for a harmonious and positive atmosphere. 


Green is a primary colour that connects us to the world’s most primal natural creations, evokes tranquillity and serenity, and is often used for forest bathing.  

It is associated with the heart chakra and the Sanskrit tradition of Anahata, meaning “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.” It is associated with balance, calmness, and serenity. Adding green to your home is an act of self-love, allowing you to relax, be grounded, and be present in the atmosphere.  

Green is also associated with the heart chakra and the Sanskrit term Anahata, meaning “unhurt, unstruck, and unbeaten.”  

An interior with a green colour story is likely to be a vital environment, representing life, relaxing us with stress, and enhancing the positive vibe in your house.  

Lastly, green is believed to help with healing and provide a soothing effect. Painting your walls green may help create a better connection with nature. 


White is a colour that represents purity, innocence, and new beginnings. It can declutter spaces, stimulate creativity, and give a refreshing feel.  

White is universally known for its symbol of innocence and cleanliness, and when combined with other colours, it conveys simplicity and freshness.  

White creates a brighter environment in bedrooms that enhances mental well-being. It is perfect for creating a quiet and focused atmosphere in your home.  

White walls reflect natural light, making a room appear larger, in contrast to dark walls that absorb light and make a room seem smaller. Therefore, white is the best option for creating a peaceful and focused environment at home. 


Blue, a colour associated with the sea and sky, is a serene and safe environment humans desire to be part of.  

Its natural elements create a sense of security and calmness, making it ideal for decorating a working environment.  

Moreover, blue is a positive energy colour, calming the psyche and providing peace and confidence. It is a reliable and safe colour that can be trusted to create a tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal bedroom choice.  

Therefore, choosing blue as the paint colour of a room can provide a calming effect on the body and mind.  

You can also use this colour in bathrooms, single walls in bedrooms, and workspaces. It perfectly complements blue house painting colours, making people feel relaxed and more centred. 

Lucky Charms And Talismans 

Lucky charms can be fun and make people feel more optimistic, making them more fortunate. Four-leaf clovers are an ancient Irish symbol of luck, believed to help people see fairies and avoid mischief.  

Horseshoes are among the oldest lucky superstitions, with various legends attributing their mystical powers to faith, hope, love, and luck. Moreover, horseshoes are fortunate because they are made of iron, which mischievous fairies couldn’t stand.  

Fuzzy dice, a relatively recent invention, have become a symbol of luck in many games of chance.  

Also, ladybugs are popular insects worldwide; many cultures believe they bring good luck. German-speaking countries call these charms “Glückskäfer” and think they improve luck if not brushed off.  

Some cultures also believe that a ladybug lands on someone, and they don’t brush it off, while others see it as a sign of impending love. In Belgian folklore, a ladybug crawling over a young woman’s hand portended her impending nuptials. 

Personal Touches 

Careful design can transform your space into a sanctuary, influencing your mental and physical health.  

Factors like room layout, street sounds, and throw pillow colour contribute to the character of your home.  

Research suggests that humans should be in closer touch with nature, as the average person spends 90% of their time indoors.  

To blur the lines between your home and nature, surround yourself with vibrant, easy-to-care-for plants. 

Motivational Artwork 

Creativity results from diligence and persistence. The struggle to create paintings is not about summoning a muse but about having the time and determination to work.  

The brain is most inventive and sensitive to stimulation when constantly flexed. Picasso’s maxim, “Inspiration is possible but it must find you working,” is echoed.  

Motivation is a strong quality that propels achievement and prosperity. The ongoing endeavor to establish circumstances inspires common individuals to do remarkable feats.  

Motivating people is hard work that requires thought, attention to detail, know-how, and flexibility to individual differences. 

Reflect Your Values 

The author shares her experience of transforming homes into spaces that inspire pride, joy, and contentment. She suggests incorporating photographs, art, heirlooms, travel items, and books into the design to create a personal and joyful space.  

She suggests creating photo or art galleries, framed mementos, custom display cases, built-ins, or artistically arranging them on the mantle.  

Moreover, to make a guilt-free space, exclude inherited items or gifts that don’t represent you.  

Therefore, instead of holding onto expensive items, sell or donate them. This can help free up space for something you love, and this transformative process can inspire pride, joy, and contentment in your home. 

Feel The Good Vibes 

Infusing your space with your personality can be a transformative experience, bringing peace, less stress, and more energy to your family.  

It’s possible to take pride in your home and invite others to enjoy it. Shamanic traditions like Feng shui believe everything is alive, including your space.  

The same life energy (qi) that animates you also flows through your home. Your home serves as your shelter, providing a place to rest, nourish, and celebrate.  

Lastly, offering gratitude to your home is simple: speak to it humbly and say “Thank you.” 


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