Read about a brilliant long lasting lipstick from Boots No 17 priced @ £4.49!

Welcome back to my money saving blog. Everyone who love lipstick and make-up, this is a good one for you 🙂

brilliant long lasting lipstick from Boots No 17

A few months ago a friend at Boots asked me to try a few of her no 17 beauty products. Now anyone who knows me knows that I love make-up (and bags and technology to be a bit more balanced 😉 so was excited to be offered this opportunity and quickly replied….yes please. And I got this bundle.

Boots No 7 Beauty Products

Exciting times. in this bundle we have a few skins products, No 17 CC Cream, highlighter, concealer, NO 7’s famous serum, medium tone foundation, skin primer and the featured product today of Stay Pout (clever brand name, like it!) lipstick in 2 colours, one bright pink (not for me and my auburn hair), but the red is a perfect match for a night out.

Credit for this photo blog has to go to my work buddy’s Louise, Emma and Zella, who whilst on a work night out complimented me on my lipstick. I told them the story of how I discovered it and we quickly decided to photograph the evidence and test it.  Since that night I have worn it several times now and get many compliments every time I wear it!  It lasts amazingly well. In fact it’s still there in the morning (if you don’t remove your make-up when you get home, that’s me ;-))

Before this No 17 lipstick I was a Chanel lipstick girl, and at £25 a pop, its definitely not cheap. And you know what, this £4.49…..YES….£4.49. In my view this No 17 lipstick is far superior. In fact I’ve tried loads of lipstick brands, Estee Lauder, Clinique, lancome and it beats all of them. And you don’t even need a lip liner, unless your lips are prone to lipstick bleeding;-)

Before Shot, during and after.

Lipstick No 1

lipstick no 2

lipstick no 3

You see, not a bit has been displaced despite the messy chocolate doughnut and several glasses of sparkles.

So the cons, it does dry out your lips and the inside lip bits go start to wear off after a few hours, but rub your lips together and it displaces the colour again. And I would recommend applying a lip balm/vasoline every few hours to keep the moisture there maybe. But I didnt reapply once. This is lipstick was applied at 5:30pm. It ended up being a late night, home at 1:30am. And yes it was still there in the morning

2014-06-11 07.08.09

There you go, not too bad a shot for the morning after. With Joshi my 4 year old.

Here is the lipstick, comes in 15 different shades, from

I shall be reviewing and blogging about the other products I received soon.

I was not paid for this blog, but did receive the products for free from Boots.

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