When Do Things Get Easier as a Parent?

Just a bit of fun……I had a lightbulb moment recently when Jack our 18 month old climbed in the car by himself and climbed up into his seat 🙂 Cant quite do the seatbelt up but this does make my life ALOT easier! Its the small things and when they add up…. life becomes easier.

When Do Things Get Easier as a  Parent?


Here’s my top ten.  

    1. The day your child is old enough to open car door, jump in and do up their own seat belt.
    2. The day when they can wipe their own bum clean after a number 2.
    3. The day they can get their own cup and pour their own glass of water.
    4. When your 2nd or 3rd or 4th(!) child is old enough to help mummy by fetching nappies, baby wipes, clean baby gros, muslin cloths.
    5. When all your children are out of nappies, please be soon!
    6. When your children successfully select and put on their own clothes.
    7. When they can feed themselves.
    8. When you have so many children they play nicely together and keep each other amused, okay playing nicely doesn’t happen often…
    9. When you can leave them at parties and not have to stay to look after them.
    10. When they know how the remote control, dvd player and netflix works so you have a lie in 🙂

Haha….I’ve not reached many of these milestones yet.  Jack pictured is the youngest of my 3 boys, I have Josh 4 and Dylan 6.

Child drinking by themselves


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