Top Ten Bargain Beauty Buys from Mrs Mummypenny

Top Ten Bargain Beauty Buys

I adore make up its one of my favourite things and has been for maybe 30 years!! Bright colours and experimenting with a dramatic eye or a bright pop of lipstick are my thing. I have switched between so many brands in my life and have spent some ridiculous amounts of money on makeup. I recently added all my Bobbi Brown skincare and make up products and realised that it had cost £350!! Does makeup have to be so expensive? I don’t think so, so here are my tried and tested top ten bargain beauty products that I swear by for value and quality

  1. Vaseline lip salve. A fail-safe product that will keep your lips smooth and protected all winter long. Invest in a little tub and apply as often as possible. I also use it on my boy’s lips who often get chapped and sore lips £1
  2. No 17 Boots liquid eye liner. I have tried many an eye liner as I am a huge fan of the dramatic black cat eye liner look with bright lips combo. No 17 is the best by far. It’s so quick and easy to apply, is easy to correct mistakes as its wiped off as easily as it is applied. £4.99
  3. Aldi Lacura eye concealer pen £1.99. My top bargain alternative to Touch Eclat. I pop it on around my dark shadows and under my eyes out to the edge and it cover up dark shadows and highlights where I need it to. 6-12-16-top-ten-beauty-buys-v2
  4. Poundland eye shadow. A real bargain eye shadow in some beautiful classic colours. At the cost of £1 you can afford to buy a few.
  5. No 17 Stay Pout lipstick. I have 3 shades of this product and I love it. A beautiful matt lipstick that really does stay put all night long. I have it in red, orange and beige and I wear it all the time. £4.49
  6. So apparently, fan girl moment but Taylor Swift loves Covergirl for her eyeshadow. And at just £3.79 for a 4-colour pallet, well what a bargain.
  7. I swear by bargain shower gels, shampoo and conditioner. I tend to shop in B&M for my toothpaste/shower gel/shampoo, I always go for the bargain products on offer and get different brands each time I shop. If I do this I have always found that my skin and hair doesn’t get used to the product and always looks shiny, clear and fresh.
  8. Top Shop have a great range of bargain make-up products and Beyoncé is a fan of the eye crayons. They are a bit pricier at £6, but if Beyoncé is a fan??? I know I am tempted to go check them out.
  9. Aldi Lacura volume sensational mascara. This is a real bargain is just £1.99. One coat is perfect for long eyelashes during the day and then a couple of coats makes it more evening wear.
  10. Make up cleanser, I never use expensive products here. I buy baby cotton wool balls as they are cheaper than the beauty ones. The cleanser will be whatever is on offer.

For even more bargain beauty ideas why not check out this article from Magic Freebies. They have listed the favourite beauty buys from many beautiful celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Emma Stone. I was very surprised by some of the bargains these people love.

This post was written in collaboration with Magic Freebies


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