The MuTu System for fitness and Embrace your body

The MuTu System for fitness and Embrace your body

I had the pleasure of being invited to an exclusive event last week in London to celebrate MuTu, a fab new exercise program. MuTu is a program aimed at women after children. It’s a program with a focus on your core with an aim to strengthen it up to allow you to have the best body for you.

The aim of the event had such an important core message, that we are to embrace who we are, whatever we are and however we look. And to ensure that we are the best version of ourselves.


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We started by watching the most thought provoking and emotional film. Embrace is a documentary film based on the story of Taryn Brumfitt. Taryn tells her story of her relationship with her body before and after children. She tells of her obsession post three children to create the perfect body. Everything was sacrificed to create that unsustainable bikini body. She even entered a body beautiful competition!

The story progresses as she realises how much work that body was to maintain and how unhappy it was making her. She let it go and her body settled into a state of contentment. Taryn then posted a now very famous picture to her social media following of her before body from the body beautiful competition compared to her now bigger body.

She talked of her thoughts on body image of how she always thought thin was beautiful and fat was not. I can completely associate with this view. All my life I have struggled with body image. Most of my life I have been overweight and always have felt awful about it. Yes, I have hated my body, been disgusted by it. The film encouraged you to love the body you have whatever you look like.

Taryn spoke to many women all over the world on a mission to share the message that everyone is beautiful whatever their look, body shape or style. She interviewed people like Ricki Lake and Amanda De Cadenet both in the public eye, both with their weight struggles throughout their life. They were both very honest about acceptance or non-acceptance and how it makes them feel.

The film was emotional and very thought provoking at times, mostly because it raked up feelings from throughout my life where I have felt awful about my body.

With Age comes Acceptance

But with age comes acceptance. I have been through such a journey over the past three years. I have worked hard on the psychological side of weight using hypnotherapy. My brain has been retrained  to not turn to food in time of stress, happiness, sadness. And the consequence of not eating so much food is weight loss! I am by no means skinny. I bounce around the 11-stone mark which is at the upper end of healthy weight for me but it feels sustainable. For my height my weight, according to BMI charts should be between 9 and 11 stone.

I practise yoga, I go running (sometimes!) and I see a personal trainer. Am I happy with my body? I am happier than I was, although I am not sure I will ever be 100% happy with my body. Particularly my stomach after the birth of three babies.

mutu system

MuTu System

This is where MuTu comes in. It is an online class that you can follow at your convenience at home. It’s a mixture of yoga and Pilates type moves and focusses on those core muscles from your stomach to your pelvis to you back and hips. I will be doing the program myself so will be writing again soon with my thoughts on the program.

We had a taster session at the event last week of MuTu and did some basic moves. We focussed on holding in those pelvic floor muscles in a gentle and relaxing way and did some basic breathing exercises. The MuTu system does require a few pieces of equipment which we were given, and that come with the course when you sign up. Things like a small yoga ball, strap and elastic stretch band.

mutu system

For more information on the MuTu system please do have a look at the site here. And I will be back in a few weeks with a review of the program which I start this week!

This is a collaborative post.


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