It’s the Asda Christmas Savings Card Bonus Day

It’s the Asda Christmas Savings Card Bonus Day

Woo hoo, the Asda Christmas Savings card bonus has been paid! You may remember back in early 2017 I wrote about how I was going to prepare better financially for Christmas this year by saving up. Asda have a great saving scheme that allows you to build up a nice balance onto a savings card. You can have as many cards as you want and on each one you can save up to £144.

Save the full amount of £144 and a bonus of £6 will be applied taking your balance up to £150! If you save between £97 and £143 a £3 bonus will be applied or £49 to £96 a £1 bonus applied.

Keep your savings card in your wallet and add some money to it every time you do your shopping. Maybe add £10 each week when you are at the till paying for your weekly shop, or add a bigger amount if you shop less often than once a week.

I love this scheme and the preparation it gives you for Christmas. So many people find Christmas a stressful time, the expense and the demands from children and family. It is so common for £1000 to be spent on Christmas with all the gifts, food and social events and more than often families cannot afford this extra £1000 spend. A savings scheme will help you build up that cash throughout the year and make Christmas far more comfortable and manageable.

My Christmas Savings

I got my first card in February and added £30 to £40 every time I went to Asda. I don’t go to Asda every week so I wanted to add a bigger chunk of savings each time I went to build up my balance. By June I had filled up my first card with £144 so I moved onto my second card. I wanted to build up that second card balance to £144 before the beginning of November to ensure I could get two lots of bonus.

Overnight last night on 12th November and the bonus was paid out. I received a £6 bonus on each card meaning that I had £300 saved up and ready to spend on Christmas presents. There was the £288 that I had saved onto the cards myself plus the £12 bonus I had been paid by Asda. Off I went to Asda to today to buy some Christmas presents. Whoops to the card being upsidedown!!

asda christmas savings card

It feels amazing to know that I have been building up some money throughout the year. That I have a nice chunk of money sat there ready to pay for Christmas for the boys. In the past, everything has gone onto credit cards and ended up being paid for after Christmas, but not this time. And it feels so good!

Trying not to spend a fortune at Christmas

We try not to spend a fortune at Christmas. We have already agreed with wider family members to not give gifts between the adults. A few years back we got the point where we were exchanging gift vouchers!! What was the point, so we stopped!

It does mean that us the parents don’t get much for Christmas, but is that an issue? I don’t think so. When we need stuff during the year we buy it so don’t need a special day to give those gifts. We want to make it all about the children. The boys end up having around £150ish each spent on them. And then we spend an extra £100 on lovely Christmas food. We try hard to not break the bank at Christmas spending around £500 to £600.

My two eldest boys have written a Nintendo Switch on their Christmas list and at £279 it doesn’t come cheap. My balance on my Asda Christmas Savings card will mean I can get this for them and have some money left over for Mario Kart at £44. This will be their big present and is shared between them.

The £300 sits on the savings card that act like gift cards. You just take them to the till to pay for you presents and they act like cash, or you can pay for items online. They do have to be used in Asda. For more information on the card and further FAQ’s click here.

Have you saved up for Christmas using the Asda Christmas Savings Card? How much have you saved and what will you be spending the money on? I would love to hear your stories.

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