Hypnotherapy for Weight loss – It worked and I maintained the weight loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight loss

The first 6 months of 2015 were a tad dramatic for me. I was hating my job and it was really getting me down. I was 3 stone overweight which made me continually unhappy. But sparks of positivity started to shine through. I could take redundancy to leave that said hated job and I booked an appointment with my friend Heather Hall to investigate hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Hypnotherapy for Weight loss - It worked and I maintained the weight loss

I just wanted to remind you of my progress and how it worked. Maybe you are struggling with your new year’s resolutions and are looking for something to help you out? I wanted to share with you the other issues Heather can work with to improve your health, wealth and mindset.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

Heather and I met every 4 weeks from May 2015 for hypnotherapy sessions to treat my mindset that wanted to over-eat, causing me to put on weight. We all know the science, if you eat too much and do not exercise enough then you will put on weight. But when your sub-conscious mind is encouraging you on to eat that packet of biscuits, how do you control it?

I have never found diets to be successful for me, the over-eating was always in my mind so I would lose weight, then I would put it back on again. Maybe hypnotherapy was the answer? Over the course of 4 sessions (1 was an introduction to work out if hypnotherapy was the right thing for me and to ask any questions, 3 were paid for) we worked on my subconscious mind to understand why I was overeating. Under hypnosis we looked at trigger events from my past that made me over eat and addressed the truth of those events. I like to explain is as rewiring of my deepest beliefs of why I should turn to food. And those beliefs were changed so I no longer do it.

The sessions ended in the July and I carried on with my new mindset. Heather had recorded some scripts for me to listen which just reiterated some of the things we had discussed in the sessions. By the Christmas I had lost 2 stone, by July 2016 I had lost 3 stone, see the pictures!

The results

The success of it is amazing and a whole year on I have kept that weight off. I am officially rewired and am considered a healthy weight and am a nice size 12. Hypnotherapy for me was great and I highly recommend it if you have struggled with diets and your weight in your life.

What Else Can Heather help with?

This excerpt from Heather’s website gives a great listing of all the kinds of things she can help with

Hypnosis is a safe and gentle form of deep physical relaxation, during which the subconscious mind experiences a greater awareness and becomes open to helpful and healing suggestions.

  • Are there things in your life you would like to change?
  • Addictions and habits you’d like to stop, perhaps quit smoking or biting your nails?
  • Phobias and fears that make you avoid places and situations?
  • Panic attacks and anxiety that stop you living a normal life?
  • Performance issues – interviews, nervous driving tests, exam nerves?
  • Trying to lose weight but not succeeding?
  • Goals you haven’t been able to achieve and not sure why?

There is probably something in this list that we can all benefit with a bit of help on so why not drop Heather a line and have a chat.


I love the testimonials on Heather’s site where she has helped so many people, from anxiety to smoking to life coaching to panic attacks.

Fear of public speaking

After 10 years of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks I was sceptical that hypnotherapy would work. I had one session with Heather for treatment for confidence issues around public speaking, as it is a requirement occasionally in my job and it is something that I have struggled with in the past. About a week later I was asked to deliver a training course and without thinking too much about it, I did so with complete confidence and without any anxiety. I’m hoping to have more sessions with Heather to help me progress further. I’m delighted and impressed with what I have been able to achieve with Heather’s help.

Stop Smoking

A smoker since 1983, after one session I just stopped. Been 6 weeks now. Many thanks Heather.

Life coaching

I would thoroughly recommend Heather Hall life coaching, she has shown the ability to delve thoroughly into our minds and to put it in a better context, kick start our own thought processes of where we want to be and what we want to do. It can be a very challenging process that has many rewards at the end. Stick with it and free your thought mind. Thank you, Heather, for sharing this great knowledge.

Here is Heather’s website, she is Hertfordshire and London based and she can be reached on 07761 586529.

I will receive a small referral fee if you sign up for sessions with Heather.


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