I quit my job and changed my career to something I love.

I quit my job, can you?

17 years were spent in a finance career because it was the right thing to do. I studied hard, went to university and got myself a great graduate job. The next 17 years were then spent moving up the ladder from one finance/commercial role to another from HSBC to Tesco to EE.

There was always a pressure inside that this was what I was supposed to do, a pressure from who, my dead father? Or from my friends all doing similar jobs? Or a financial pressure from myself to maintain a materialistic life I had created for myself?

To be honest for at least half of the 17 years I hated the jobs. I would wake up with that sick feeling and not wanting to go in to work. I would go quiet at work and retreat into my shell. And when things got bad I would move onto the next company, wipe the slate clean jumping up a bit more in salary.

All I was doing was creating a salary trap for myself. As the income grew so did the lifestyle. The house got bigger, the cars got newer, the clothes and make up became more expensive. Eating out was a very regular occurrence. I was feeling more and more trapped that my income was essential to maintain that life.

Lightbulb Moment

Back in 2015 I had a lightbulb moment, you know one of those moments of clarity where your direction is suddenly clear. I took redundancy due to my company relocating and suddenly I had breathing space of freedom and money to cover the bills for 12 months.

This was my chance to break free from the corporate cycle and give my dream a go. My blog Mrs Mummypenny had been a hobby for a couple of years and I had a clear vision of how I could make it a success. A stepping stone to an ocean of opportunity.

If you are feeling unhappy and you know that the employed working life is not for you then why not take a step and go do something that you really want to do. Prioritise happiness over a salary. If you want it enough, then you can do it.

Blogging as a career?

Just look at bloggers such like Emma Drew, Money to the Masses Damien Fahy, Super Lucky Di Coke and Emma Bradley (my wonderful co-author of Blogging Your Way To Riches). All of them are successful full-time bloggers/writers/business owners who have given up the day job to chase their self-employed dream. All of them are doing so well and have never looked back.

If you are going to take this step into becoming a blogger then I must state a health warning, I am a personal finance blogger after all.

  • Have faith and confidence and belief that your idea will work and do everything to achieve it.
  • Take some time to build the blog whilst you are still working. Establish it and get the name out there, build your social media and create tons of great content.
  • Network, collaborate, join Facebook groups, get as much help as possible.
  • Have some money set aside to pay your outgoings whilst your income builds, AT LEAST 1 year worth of cash.
  • Be prepared to diversify, get income from lots of different places. It all adds up and it’s not the end of the world when one income stream dries up.

My blogging story is written about in glorious detail in my book which you can buy here for a fabulous discounted price of just £12.99 Blogging Your Way To Riches, it will of course be a signed copy. Or you can buy it from Amazon paperback or E-book.


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