Personal Training in Hertfordshire for a healthy body & mind

Personal Training in Hertfordshire

A few weeks back I won two personal training in Hertfordshire sessions with Kane Allardyce, from No Bull Fitness. I was very happy and grateful to win these, I have been wanting to tone up for ages, since losing weight, but something was stopping me. Addressing my mental attitudes to my body and issues with food was also an important factor.

Personal Training in Hertfordshire for a healthy body & mind

Introduction Session

I got straight onto WhatsApp and arranged my intro session, Kane works from a gym in a farm in beautiful Bennington. The first hour was mostly talking with 15 minutes of (very) extreme Tabata and squats at the end (after which I ached for 3 days, 15 minutes of exercise!!). I believe that people and influences come into your life for a reason and Kane came into my life for a reason, to help me.

I knew from that session that Kane is an expert personal trainer who know his stuff and cares as much about the mental side of health and well being as the physical side. We talked about all things from previous experience of fitness to my attitude to my body. From eating habits to lifestyle choices.

Body Image Issues

We had a big talk about me having spent 22 years being over-weight and not looking after my body. As I spoke it became clear that I am very negative about my body and my previous mistreatment of my body. Extreme words but I look back at pictures of me from the age of 16 to 38 and hate myself. The thing is, I used to think that I looked okay. My weight would always fluctuate from 12 stone to 15 stone back down to 13 stone up to 14 stone. There were times when I hit the dizzy heights of a size 14, but there were other times when I hit size 18. When I weighed 12 stone I thought that was my natural weight, my bones were big so I could never weigh less or be a size 10/12.

Being overweight and was hurting my body and mind. I know why it happened, my mum dying when I was 16 isn’t just a coincidence but I would automatically turn to food as a comfort, maybe because that’s what I remembered most about my mum her homely cooking and baking rock cakes together.

Dealing with my demons

I finally dealt with the demons at 38 and it was hypnotherapy that turned out to be the solution. I have written loads about it and how it worked. Cognitive hypnotherapy got me from 14 stone to 12 stone. Then I had some sessions with Helena a natural nutritionist who helped me lose another stone through clean eating. By July 2016 I was weighing in at an acceptable weight for my height. I am 5 ft. 5.5 inches and my weight should be between 9 and 11 stone, according to BMI charts. My lowest point was 10 ½ stone but I looked a bit like a lolly pop.

I have managed to maintain my weight and size at a consistent size 12. Yes, it fluctuates. Winter (and seasonal affective disorder) was a challenge where around 12 lbs went on, I very nearly hit 12 stone. But I was able to lose that quickly after my recent Vegas holiday and birthday celebrations.

I need to tone up

Now, when I am clothed I can finally look at pictures of myself and think I look okay. After 100 compliments (which I always gratefully receive) I know that people think I look slim. But as soon as I am stood in front of the mirror with my underwear on, then it’s a different matter.

I have so much loose flabby skin particularly on my lower tummy, my upper arms/bingo wings and have loose empty skin at the top of my boobs too. That being said (I too have inner thigh fat) BUT I also have good unsaggy big boobs, my legs are long and slim, I have great skin with beautiful freckles and very few wrinkles.

I can rationalise and see the good as well as the not so good. Working with Kane will help me tone up the flabby tummy, inner thighs and the bingo wings. But most importantly we can start to work on the mental attitude to body and learn to love myself more.

Personal Training in Hertfordshire

Kane and I will be working together for a few months with a PT session every week. I have had two full sessions and they are tough going, he makes me hill run, lift ridiculous amounts of weight, rowing at under 2 min – 500m pace, everything is about technique. It’s a different session every week and I always ache for days afterwards. My last session was five days ago, and my arms STILL hurt! I have also committed to two other cardio activities per week by myself; go out for a run/bike ride and do a class using my Flex online subscription, I’ll give HIIT a try;-). I am also sending pictures of EVERYTHING I eat to Kane so he can assess my nutrition.

Before pictures and Measurements

Before the exercise and nutrition regime properly kicks in we have taken pictures and measurements. The pictures were a challenge, I might have shed a tear when I saw the back view.

personal training in Hertfordshire personal training in Hertfordshire

personal training in Hertfordshire













And here are my measurements, I found a great YouTube clip to copy the exact right places to measure. I am going to try my hardest to not weigh myself. Weight is just a number.

Right Arm Bicep – 12 inches

Chest – 36 inches

Waist – 32 inches

1 inch below belly button – 38 inches

Hips – 39 inches

Right Thigh – 21 inches

1 inch above knee – 16 inches

I will redo the measures and pictures every 8 weeks so I can track my progress and will share with you guys.

I am ready to accept my body and make the most of what I have got and be healthy at the age of forty. Did you see my Instagram profile recently? I post a picture of me in the sea in a bikini! Acceptance is coming. I hope that my story inspires you to do the same.

This is a collaborative post with Kane Allardyce who can be contacted on mobile 07446 943750 or found on Facebook. Kane’s personal training prices are £40 per hour or £175 for a block booking of 5 session (£35 per hour).













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