My Favourite Gifting items from Uncommon Goods

My Favourite Gifting Items from Uncommon Goods

I love finding a retailer with very cool gifts. Things that are different and unique that are not available on the traditional high street. I was very excited to discover this website Uncommon goods. I have spent much time browsing the site and thought I would share a few of my finds for hubby and also a few things that I would simply love for myself.

Perfect gifts for hubby

Date Night Set

I just love this set of date night sticks. Ideas for a a date night with a difference. Things like going stargazing or attending a lecture at your local university. Its full of ideas of things that you will not have thought of before.

uncommon goods

Microwave Popcorn maker

How cool is this? A popcorn maker that you can pop straight into the microwave. Im sold and I know that hubby would love it as well!!

uncommon goods

5 in 1 tool pen

What man doesn’t love a cool gadget, this is a goodie! This is not just a pen, its also a ruler, a stylus, a screw driver, and a spirit level. Amazing!!

uncommon goods

Cool gifts that I love

Heart Umbrella

The heart emoji is my most used emoji. Used at least twenty times a day! I just love this heart umbrella. It is me down to a T!

uncommon goods

Recycled glass globe

I just love these beautiful pieces of glass art. The shards are melted down in a furnace before being blown into beautiful works of art that have come to symbolize family, friendship, and the bonds that bring you together. I am like a magpie and love pretty things like this.

uncommon goods

Life story so far

I am a huge fan of journalling and stationery and this is a something a little different. A book with prompts for you to write about all the different times in your life. Reflection times. Beginning with “The Early Years,” this uniquely designed journal is organized in nine sections, each containing thought-provoking prompts to spark a colourful personal memoir that captures the memories of first dates, lifelong friendships, meaningful stories, and pearls of wisdom gathered along the way. There’s even a section dedicated to list the things you hope to accomplish next!

uncommon goods

So what do you think of my ideas? Do have a browse through and see what gifts you love the look of, maybe you can find that unique perfect gift for the one you love.

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