Mrs Mummypenny makes a Christmas Wreath

I have achieved a very impressive thing today. Not only did I make a Christmas Wreath, but I have also vlogged the making of it and have edited the video down to 4 minutes for YouTube!  So heres my blog on how to make a Christmas wreath!

Mrs Mummypenny makes a Christmas Wreath

Both achievements have taken some time. The wreath took me maybe 2 hours to wrap the balls in the wool and attach to the wire circle. I started on Thursday, took a break and finished it off today. I have had to get 3 children involved in the making though!  My 2 eldest boys and Lily who came over on Thursday evening.

The video editing took way longer than expected too!  The tutorial from Nicky Wacey was great and gave me the start I needed.  2 hours later this afternoon and I have one video with photos added in, an introduction and an ending.

Take a look, see what you think…!  It gets quite humourous towards the end 2-3 minutes as my boys make an entrance and Jack picks his nose…..

Inspired by Pinterest

Below is the Pinterest Picture I was inspired by followed by my wreath on our front door and at the very bottom of this post the vlog itself !

Mrs Mummypenny makes a Christmas Wreath

Mrs Mummypenny makes a Christmas Wreath

Mrs Mummypenny makes a Christmas Wreath

And here is the vlog itself…hope you like it:-)


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