Money Saving Christmas Present Ideas

Christmas is about being with your loved ones and showing people how much you love them. Its not all about the commercial stuff and the expensive pressies under the tree. Personally I love home made stuff, things that have time and thought put into them. So here are a few ideas from me for stuff that will go down well full of love and thought and creativity. I would love some of these..but doubt that I will get them!

Money Saving Christmas Present Ideas

Family Photos

Pop to your local Tesco or Boots and print out a few of your favourite photos OR use the photos from your kids 2015-12-02 15.12.10school photo shoot. Now the choice is yours here as to how much you spend…the Range have a great choice of frames for very little money. Or why not get the kids to colour in their own frame..may be a better idea as its much more thoughtful.

This is the prefect pressie for grand parents, god parents, aunts and uncles.

Christmas crayons/decorations/ornaments.

I keep stuff I shouldn’t and I hoard. But I found a use for all the crayons (that restaurants give you;-)) that I keep in 2015-11-20 10.00.28the drawer of crap. Remove the paper, 2015-11-19 19.16.58break them up and add them to a Christmassy silicone mould. Pop in the oven at 130 for 10 minutes it will all melt down. Leave overnight to cool. Pop out your new christmassy crayons. All sorts of uses here, christmas tree decorations maybe or fun crayons for some creative time.



2015-11-20 09.58.50


I love a chutney. Especially a homemade one, to me they taste so much better than the shop bought ones. And they’re not that hard to make. Save up a few jars and make a nice batch of chutney and make the jar pretty with material and ribbons on the lid. My favourite recipes are these ones.

Caramelised red onion chutney perfect with cheese

Chilli & pepper chutney great with meats

Pineapple, fig and ginger chutney another one that goes brilliant with christmas ham.

A Voucher Book

Now this isn’t a voucher book with money vouchers (the most boring pressie ever!) this is a book of things you will do for the receiver of the gift. Such a great gift to maybe give to your hubby from the kids. Add vouchers for things like, one lie in, one tidy of room, one helping to make dinner, one tidy up of toys.

Infused Booze & Painted Wine Glasses

Get an inexpensive bottle of supermarket vodka and add some infusions, maybe vanilla pods or some lemon/lime zest. And why not handpaint some glasses to go with it. You can pick up 4 wine glasses from the supermarkets for very little money and some glass paint from the range is well priced.

Please do comment with other ideas for homemade pressies


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    1. I LOVE a chutney. The pineapple one made 5 jars worth, its quite sweet so will go really well with strong cheddar or the nigella 24 hour ham I am plannig to make next week:-)

  1. Agree, keep it cheaper whilst you can. I know the relatives will love all these handmade gifts really looking forward to making up a couple of hampers to give to them.

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