Monday Money #3 Investing in Me

Monday Money #3 Investing in Me

Wow the past week has been a whirlwind. If I look back at my diary and look through my pictures it really makes me appreciate how much happened and what went well.

The Super Positive side of last week

I had lots of meetings this week to catch up with people. I met with hypnotherapy Heather Hall to talk business and to catch up. We like to brainstorm about each others business’s and suggest improvements or ideas. I had a meeting to talk about a VERY exciting new project for 2018 where I will be creating some incredible new products. I had a powerful meditation session on Tuesday night with Kat Byles, and the very next day I was discussing a radio show opportunity that I had a vision of in my meditation.

I met with wonderful Emma at her new house and had dinner cooked for me, is there anything better than being cooked for? Ems has been there for the whole five years of Mrs Mummypenny and has helped with so much, she was even chief proof reader of the Blogging Your Way To Riches. She has designed all sorts of things for me from planners to business cards. I am looking forward to the day when she can join the Mrs Mummypenny payroll.

investing in me

The Not so Positive

I also had some big traumas. I had an awful meeting on Friday about a job that I had agreed in March. A chat with a self-important CEO back tracking on some work that had been agreed. A big lesson in always having an official contract in place with a firm agreement on posting dates, payment and terms. But the way I was spoken to was unacceptable and unprofessional.

Then 5 hours later Dylan comes home from a local meet up with friends crying in pain. A trip to A&E ensued and he has torn ligaments in his left knee. A disaster for a football player of Dylan’s standard. All football cancelled for 8 weeks included his Germany tour at beginning of June. I am raging because the rugby tackle from behind was done on purpose. But also realise there is little I can do, and these things happen. The doctors and nurses were amazing and very thorough for which I am very grateful for.

My money saving and making achievements from last week

Invested in a cleaner

What I hear you cry! Yes, this does in fact save me money. I can’t bare cleaning the house, I do through gritted teeth, so that causes me stress. This week I finally found a cleaner, someone I trust. She will come for 2 hours every Thursday morning after we have done the school run. It £25 well spent. Particularly as I know I can earn way more than that £25 in the same two-hour period.

investing in me

My Starling Bank Account

I have written a post in collaboration with Starling bank this week about my wonderful new business bank account. My banking provider is important to me, I know I am a control freak with money, but this account helps with these requirements! Please read the post for a full review, but a few highlights include, it being FREE (I currently pay £6.50 per month with Barclays). I get notifications when I receive money, love this. And my spending is categorised for to me this knowledge will help me to spend less.

Made my own lovely curry instead of takeaway

On Friday night before the trip to A&E I made a lovely home curry. Aldi do these great curry jars with the spices in the top of the jar that you add to the meat. I added tons of vegetables, broccoli, mange tout, carrots, onions. I just sat down to eat it when Dylan arrived home crying so had one mouthful! I ate two bowls of leftovers over the weekend, and even the boys liked it!

investing in me

Made my own shelving unit and de-cluttered my office

I need my own office space. I was working on the kitchen breakfast bar, but it was distracting. I was drinking too much coffee, watching This Morning. Instead last weekend I de-cluttered our fourth bedroom and changed the layout, so my desk was underneath the window. The Feng Shui is so much better. I also ordered a shelf unit from, ordered and collected all within 30 minutes, such an amazing customer experience. I made the shelf unit in 35 minutes. What do you think?

investing in me

Beautiful flowers from Tesco

I am still so happy with these flowers from Tesco that cost me £5. They are still looking brand new at two-week-old now. I do love to have flowers in the house. Especially in these happy colours.

investing in me

Rainbow soul subscription box

I reviewed this product for Charlotte last year when she sent me an abundance box. I ordered one of her quarterly surprise boxes which arrived on Friday. It was a box full of perfection, here are a few of things it contained. A crystal grid with some rose quartz and amethyst, a massage travel candle, a blue agate necklace, moon wisdom book. Plus, incense sticks, a bath bomb, facial steam herbs, tea, nibbles. It was a true box of joy and so in tune with how I am feeling right now. I love it.

The crystals book was a gift from the lovely Emma whom I mentioned earlier. I now know what all my crystals mean. May I recommend citrine for abundance, success and power. Blue agate is said to clear and stabilise your energy and eliminate negativity.

The box costs £35 once a quarter. Really great value for everything that was included in the box.

investing in me

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  1. I love having a cleaner! We work full-time and then I spend most evenings running side biz’s so I have to be fairly strict with my time so having a cleaner means there’s one less thing for me to worry about, I’ve been told I shouldn’t have a cleaner whilst I’m still pay off debt but I don’t have ‘fun money’ for myself (don’t have time to go shopping lol) so this is worked into our budget instead 🙂

    1. Its a great way to invest £100 per month I see it. I can earn way more than that in the 8 hours per months she is here;-) Invest in oneself!

    1. The curry jars are so good, and the pasta jars as I discovered today. All 3 boys wolfed it down. Such a rarity.

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