How to create a PR strategy for your business – PR from the heart

How to create a PR strategy

2017 has been a big year of change for Mrs Mummypenny. I recently celebrated my two-year anniversary of being in business. Many things have been learnt along the way and one of the big learnings was gaining focus and direction and how to create a PR strategy.

I enrolled in a fabulous course back in June called PR from the heart. I have always known that investing in oneself is key to my success and development. Many courses have been attended over the years and this was the first one that I have paid for out of Mrs Mummypenny profits.

create a PR strategy

The course promised to look deep into my heart (not my head) to find the direction for my business. It was a five-week initial course with a different focus each week. Each week involved a meditation and exploration lesson to be taken whenever was convenient and then a zoom meeting on a Thursday with the other women taking the course. There is also a small engaged Facebook group full of supportive business women. Kat also offers mastermind courses through the year as well on things like YouTube.

I committed to downloading the course every Monday and making time to listen and reflect in an hour of quiet and no interruption each week. I made a real effort to join in the Thursday evening zoom meet-ups with the other PR from the heart women. We reflected on learnings from the week and tuned in to each other’s focus and passion.

What did I achieve

The early sessions focussed on core purpose and essence and my direction came very quickly to me. I was to focus on Healthy wealth, body and mind. This was my new strapline, cue the new logo and strapline design.

With any business idea, I am involved with I like to have a business name, logo and strapline agreed first. Everything I do should come back to that core message and it can help with business decisions. The new logo then led to a brand-new website with a super clean and much more engaging theme. I also have a much slicker navigation menu. I immediately saw my average page views per visit increase which proves the new site is easier to navigate.

My Key PR objectives

Another week I particularly enjoyed was exploring my PR objectives. I have 8 key objectives for the next year and again all my decisions should come back to these core objectives. These include things like, I love and choose to work on branded campaigns in the wealth and financial planning section of my site. I love and choose to be a guest speaker at relevant events.

The clarity of objectives is invaluable when running a business. Everything needs to come back to this core of my business, every decision I take.

Dealing with fears

There was a lot of talk of fears throughout the course. Fears of public speaking, the media, of failure. My fear was of negativity out there in the internet world. The trolls who leave bad reviews on Amazon or who leave rude comments on my blog or on social media. We talked power and who holds the power in these encounters. The power of course lies with me and my power to choose to ignore these comments and words.

Are you looking for guidance and direction?

Kat runs this course two to three times a year and the next session kicks off in the new year on 8th January. Start the new year afresh with a PR plan from the heart. You can get a nice early bird discount if you book it before the 21st October and get it for just £175. Use this link to read more about the course from Kat.

We have also filmed a short video to tell you lots more about the course, so please do take a look the YouTube clip to meet Kat.


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  1. Good for you, Lynn, for your continued commitment to your business. Right now, I’m a tad scattered, so my first focus is to FOCUS. Once I do that and hone in on THE thing, it will make it easier for me to go the best route for my life. Upheaval strikes and unbalance ensues. But I shall persevere.

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