Switching Home Insurance – Really not my favourite task     

Switching Home Insurance – Really not my favourite task            

I realise I bang on about switching your bills every year to get the best deal. I promise to have your best interests at heart as I know no one gets rewarded for loyalty with their household bills. Existing customers end up paying more than new customers, it is a fact, I know I used to work at EE where this happened all of the time. The only solution is to switch every year or when the contract ends.

I get that it is hassle, believe me I do. I HATE switching my car and house insurance. Rather annoyingly they all expire in March. Two car polices and one house insurance. The first week of every March I commit a few hours to doing some research and finding the best price for everything. This year was no different.

switching home insurance

Home Insurance switch saved me £90 this year

The home insurance renewal came in at £250. I was determined to get this lower. I called my existing provider who could miraculously reduce this fee to £202. NEVER just accept the renewal price!! Next, I did a comparison check using uswitch.com, whom recommended a switch to a well-known insurance company for £160. That is £90 shaved off the renewal quote. For comparison purposes this is buildings and contents for four-bedroom semi-detached house.

The benefits of accidental cover!

I always ensure that I have accidental cover on my home insurance policy. We have had to use it over the years. When Dylan was two he threw a toy at the TV. We made a claim and got a new television. Before the boys were born, in my last house, we had a water leak in our loft. The ceiling fell through into the second bedroom.  No one was in the room luckily, but it did ruin a sofa bed and carpet, so we made a claim for that.

Since 2010 we havn’t had to claim but I always like to have the accidental damage just in case. Sainsbury’s bank have recently carried out some research and have found that one in seven UK adults have faced a home improvement incident in the last three years! Wow that’s a lot!

Home improvement Incidents

We don’t do an awful lot of home improvements, it was all done for us in 2013 when we had our house extended, which is important to let your home insurers know about whilst this is happening and when it is finished.

Over Easter 38% of people told the bank that they were planning on doing some DIY, its expected to be the same this coming bank holiday! And there are of course gender differences, with the DIY jobs mostly going to men rather than the women. Can I point out that I built a shelf unit last weekend!!

The most common mishaps to happen when renovating include(1):

Planned activity Percentage of people who suffered a mishap
Flooring damaged by tools / equipment / spilled paint 5 per cent
Damage to internal walls 3 per cent
Electrical damage 3 per cent
Damage to pipes due to hammering with a nail leading to flood damage 2 per cent
Damage to sanitary goods 2 per cent
Damage to pipes due to hammering a nail, with no further damage to home 2 per cent

Sainsbury’s Bank’s home insurance gives UK consumers peace of mind of knowing they’re covered. Our home insurance products are 5 Star Rated by Defaqto and we offer home contents cover up to £75,000 as standard(2).

With Sainsbury’s Bank Optional Damage Cover, we’ll insure you for mishaps like putting your foot through the attic floor, spilling paint on a floor or carpet, drilling through a water pipe or cutting through a cable. In a nutshell, it gives you extra protection against accidental damage to your home that isn’t covered under the main buildings insurance policy(2). This level of cover is optional.

Disclaimer and notes

This is not a sponsored post, I have taken the research results from a press release received from Sainsbury’s Bank. This post contains affiliate links.

1) Sainsbury’s Bank commissioned Opinium Research to survey 2,003 nationally representative UK adults aged 18+ between 2 and 6 March 2018. Opinium Research is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules).

2)Terms apply. Sainsbury’s Bank Home Insurance is arranged and administered by Sainsbury’s Bank and is underwritten by a carefully selected range of insurers. When you get a quote we will tell you who the insurer is before you buy the policy.


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