Hello Fresh Recipe Box – My saviour for cooking dinner

If you answer yes to these questions, you NEED a Hello Fresh recipe box!

  • Do you want a quick convenient no hassle dinner?
  • Buy too many takeaways?
  • Struggle with dinner inspiration/ideas?
  • Want variety and excitement in food you eat?

Hello Fresh Recipe Box - My saviour for cooking dinner

What is a Hello Fresh recipe box?

Hello Fresh recipe box is delivered to your door every week!! And even better I can save you £20 off your first box by using this code – 6WDBLQ. Link to hellofresh website

My health kick

As part of mission health after my hypnotherapy last year I also needed to sort out our diet. Now I’m terrible at meal planning, really terrible. When on a health kick I can stay motivated for a few weeks but then I get lazy and don’t have the right food in the house and will resort to eating snacky crap or even worse a takeaway. So I was really excited to discover Hello Fresh recipe box at the Stylist Live event in London a few months back. I was promised healthy meals with exciting ingredients delivered to my door once a week.

The Hello Fresh Box

A box arrives for us every 2nd Thursday, its contains 5 classic meals for 2 people (this is flexible and can be amended as you see fit). I have been getting the boxes for around 4 months now and the recipes have always been different every week. Now this is not one for you if you are fussy, but if you like good, clean fresh food and you are open to trying anything this could be the perfect answer for you.

Here are a few pictures of the finished meals…

23-2-16 cous cous

23-2-16 duck

23-2-16 Hello fresh soup

23-2-16 leek chicken

So its really simple, you get everything measured out on the box exactly as per the recipe requirements, all your meat, vegetables, carbs, herbs and spices, condiments. The only thing you will need from your cupboard is some olive oil, butter, salt & pepper and sometimes sugar. You get a handy recipe card detailing the ingredients and the method in an easy step by step language with pictures if required. It also handily gives you all the nutritional advice as well. The food takes around 30 to 45 minutes to prepare.

Why Do We like it

For us its convenience. I love the fact that all the ingredients are there in the fridge and cupboard just waiting to be cooked. There is no searching for a recipe and then heading to the supermarket to buy the ingredients, only to find Tesco have run out of basil…arggggg! This convenience has meant we are spending ALOT less money on takeaways. I know this is bad but we would easily get 2 takeaways per week, costing us maybe £60. Just because we were lazy. Now we maybe get a takeaway or go out for dinner once every 2 weeks? So that we were spending £240 per month on takeaways. Now we spend £100 per month on the Hello Fresh recipe box. Our option costs £50 every 2 weeks for 5 meals that feed 2 people.

We love the variety and trying new foods. I’ve always hated eating the same foods week in week out, and when you are inspiring yourself that is often what happens & cannot tell you how many times I have made the same spaghetti bolognese or the same steak and wedges.  We still get a bit excited every delivery opening up the box to see what treats we have to eat.

Hubby loves it and will knock up a few of the meals himself. He has to follow a recipe exactly so loves the recipe cards and how everything arrives already measured. The portions are a great size, meaning even the 6 foot 3 inches hubby is full after a meal. We also love going out for dinner and this feels like restaurant quality food that you can make yourself.

Our weight loss is maintained eating this type of food, most meals are around the 5-700 calorie level, perfectly acceptable within a normal calorie eating day.

Are there any disadvantages?

So an honest review means what are the bad bits. I have to talk about the cost. Now its working out well for us as its loads cheaper than takeaways and convenient ready meals. But if you were to buy the exact ingredients from the supermarket it would probably cost you around 2/3rds of what you pay for a Hello Fresh recipe box . For my £50 box every 2 weeks would probably cost maybe £30 to £35 if I went to the supermarket. So yes you are paying for the convenience of food to your door step, the recipe and exact ingredient. So no its not cheap, but I think its great VALUE for the whole offering.

Its not going to work for you if you are fussy, as you never know what is going to arrive. You can enter dislikes and preferences on your profile on the website but if you are really fussy its not going to work.

So overall its a food/dinner option that is really working for us. If you are interested in trying it out please use this code for a £20 saving on your first box. Link to hellofresh website


Hello Fresh recipe box Options – I mentioned I get a box of 5 meals for 2 people. This can be amended to 2,3 or 4 people. And you can opt for 3 meals or 5 meals. And the meals options are classed as classic, family or veggie. Go on give it a try….I think you will love it!


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