How do Easter Eggs compare? Taste & Value for Money

So last week I had a dream job, I got to meet up with my fellow UK money bloggers and the guys from Quidco to taste test Easter Eggs. This really is as good as it sounds, oh my gosh there was so much chocolate but someone has to do it; high street and supermarket Easter Eggs.  How do easter eggs compare as far as the taste and value for money?

7-3-16 CHocolate

We met in London in very nice bar near the quidco offices and had a quick catch up with the UK money bloggers first. It was my first meet up and I was super keen to put faces to names and have a good chat about our world of blogging. We all do things a little bit differently with a different focus on every website and there is a huge amount of knowledge there to help out and ask questions. I was joined by Emma (From Aldi to Harrods), Lotty (Lotty Earns), Anita (Mrs Bargain Hunter), Andy (Be Clever With Your Cash), Lisa (Unicorn Daydreams), Leanne (Broke in the Big Smoke) and Sara (Debt Camel). We split up into 2 groups and were joined by  the guys from Quidco and Checkoutsmart and also a few journalists from the Telegraph and the Mirror.

We had 12 bowls of unknown chocolate in front of us, to make it a true blind taste test. Let the tasting begin. We worked our way through the bowls one by one noting down a score from 1 to 5 having a great chat about what we liked and didn’t like. There were a few dark chocolate options as well as free from options too. And the pricing ranged from value all the way up to premium, there was a £20 Egg somewhere in the mix.

We each scored the eggs and had engaging discussions about what we liked and disliked. I have to say I prefer traditional Cadburys chocolate so was a little put off by some of the more stranger tasting or dark chocolate Eggs.

7-3-16 All Easter EggsAfter round 1 we handed in our scores to the score keeper and did a bit of seat swopping for the next round which was value. So we went through what eggs were what. It was a real surprise in some cases, Lindt for example didn’t taste as great as we thought it should. My personal favourite was The Mars and Cadburys buttons eggs with least favourite being Lidl and Thorntons.

When adding value for money into the equation, where of course we had to taste all the chocolate again;-) it changed things slightly. I thought that the Cadburys, Mars and the Asda Special eggs were the best value for money. And the Kinnertons, Thorntons and Waitrose Heston Eggs were the worst value for money. Did my scores agree with the group?? See below for the full results egg by egg, all in order of our perferences.

Mars Bar Easter Egg

280g. £3 at Sainsburys, £1.07 per 100g

Taste: 4/5

Value for money: 4.1/5

Asda Extra Special Belgian Chocolate Egg

100g, £2 at Asda, £2 per 100g

Taste: 3.6/5

Value for money: 3.25/5

Kinnerton Thomas and Friends Bumper pack

100g, 80p at Asda, £1.25 per 100g

Taste: 3/5

Value for money: 3.25/5

Tesco Easter Egg Hunt box

350g, £5 at Tesco, £1.30 per 100g

Taste: 3/5

Value for money: 3.1/5

Dairy Milk Buttons Easter Egg

Cadbury's Buttons Easter Egg

128g, £1 at Asda and Morrisons, £0.78 per 100g

Taste: 2.9/5

Value for money: 3.1/5

Asda Free From Easter Egg

115g, £3 at Asda, £2.61 per 100g

Taste: 2.9/5

Value for money: 2.8/5

Lindor Lindt Easter Egg

215g, £6 at Asda, £2.79 per 100g

Taste: 3/5

Value for money: 2.7/5

Thorntons Classic Milk Chocolate Egg

220g, £1.82 at Waitrose and Ocado, £1.82 per 100g

Taste: 2.9/5

Value for money: 2.6/5

Moo Free Bunnycomb Egg

100g, £7 for two at Waitrose, £3.50 per 100g

Taste: 3.2/5

Value for money: 2.6/5

Lidl Favorina Easter Egg

80g, £0.79 at Lidl, £0.99 per 100g

Taste: 1.9/5

Value for money: 2.4/5

Heston by Waitrose Holden Egg

365g, £20 at Waitrose and Ocado, £5.48 per 100g

Taste: 3.2/5

Value for money: 1.9/5

Divine Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Egg

Divine easter egg

55g, £3 at Ocado, £5.45 per 100g

Taste: 3.4/5

Value for money: 1.8/5


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