Debt confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger – A set back

Debt confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger – A set back

I have another confession to make, as one of my hero’s Dave Grohl said. I have messed up my cash flow and it has impacted my progression with my debt repayment. The worlds of personal and business finance entwine.


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3 Responses

  1. Most importantly, you’ve identified where things went a bit skew wiff, a lesson learned and never to be repeated, as I know very with you MMP. I had a similar circumstance with the café. I didn’t bank enough money during the busier months and suffered for it during the kids summer holidays. Everyday is a learning day when you’re self employed. Take pride in the fact the MMP empire is undoubtedly growing!

  2. Good for you with reviewing your spending to see what was worthwhile and what wasn’t. Congrats also on digging with extra work and a no spend month, to make a difference. If dealing with debt was easy, none of us would have any – life does tend to intervene!

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