#Stylistlive – can my job be any better a day out with Jack at Stylistlive

So Fridays are Jack days. After we drop the boys to school we normally do a bit of shopping, grab some lunch, watch a few episodes of Paw Patrol, collect the boys from school.  But not today, today we heading into London for Stylistlive.

wpid-20151016_123220.jpgI won tickets on Monday for this Friday..I asked a few friends but it was was too short notice for style loving friends and no one could make it. So my date my Jack, my nearly 3 year old. He wore a shirt and bow tie combination to be on style and trend and got to go not only on the train but also on a bus. What better a way to start the day.

We got to Islington Business Centre for 10:45…and spend the first hour browsing and chatting to the various very stylish pitches. Jack fell asleep for 45 minutes of that so I dashed to Clarins for a skin care refresh/lesson and I got a little goodie bag of products as well!

I met lots of exciting people too, I met one of the founders of ‘The Simple Things’ a magazine promising to simplify life, taking time to live well. I loved the concept and loved that they were a start up just 1 year old. We had a great chat to one of the founders and took away the September issue of the magazine. Recommended as it contained a great article on simplifying life organisation. Details exchanged, I am hoping we can collaborate. Thesimplethings

I had a browse through Wolf & Badger clothing…..beautiful blouses, although I didnt buy.

16-10-15Toolally jewellery was amazing, retro resin designed earrings and necklaces. I took away a 15% discount code, I may well browse online later, they were very reasonably priced for very cool designs. Uzma Bozai clothing was also very cool, but a little out of my price range.

I tried lot of nice food, Dorset cheddar cheese, detox cold pressed juices, delicious olive oil and I had a great chat to the guys at hello fresh. A recipe box where all your ingredients arrive on your doorstep with a recipe card. I had a great chat to the guy on the stall. It did seem like a really good idea and something that I was willing to try. So I have gone for the 3 meals to feed 3 people at each sitting. He showed me some photos of the food he had made, portions were big so 3 portions would be enough to feed my family of 5. It was £29.50 for 3 days worth of meals, £20 off the regular price. He showed me some pricing comparisons to the supermarkets, it looked comparative and way more cheaper than getting a takeaway that can easily cost you £30 a pop. So I signed up and I get my first 2 boxes for £29.50 each so with a £40 discount. I will let you know how it goes.

I had all sorts of plans to go to talks on how to be a brilliant public speaker and how to start a business for less than £100..but I ended up not going as I was too busy chatting to the companies I liked there, and collecting free stuff;-)

wpid-20151016_123459.jpgAt 12:30 we had tickets for the catwalk show. Jacks first catwalk show, not bad for a 2 year old, and he loved it. He danced around to the music, watched the models walk up and down, did a bit more dancing. Edith Bowman was the wpid-20151016_123400.jpghostess. A really great show showing us stylist magazines top picks for autumn & winter fashion trends. Models were far too skinny…really skinny, but that is cat walk life I suppose. I took lots of photos, see what you think of the clothes.





Trend 1 – Sweet & Sour

I likes this one, acid bright colours nice for this time of the year..I know I will be able to find pieces from this trend in the high street.



Trend 2 was super charged tweed.

This was something that really stood out at the House of Holland show I saw a few weekends back at London Fashion Weekend. A couple of outfits stood out for coats particularly.



Trend 3 was Period Drama

It okay not my favourite but some of the outfits looked cool, very gothic-esq.


Trend 4 I did not like at all, decor dressing.

I.e. dressing in clothes that look like curtains, cushion covers or wall paper. Not me and I didnt take any pictures….sorry.

Trend 5 and the best in both my opinion and Stylist Magazine was 80’s glam.

So cool to the point where I think I am going to invest in at least 2 of the pieces or find a piece similar. I loved these dresses, but dont quite have the body to do them justice….



And these outfits, I am going to seek out the golden blouse and get a short sequin skirt. I think the jumper is great plains and the skirt is french connection, but, you know what, I can’t find them online, so I need to do some digging. I’ll ask Stylist on Twitter:-)




So that was our day, we grabbed a free glass of sparkles on the way out and had a quick browse in Rituals for a pressie for me, relaxing bubble bath. We had to run and get the train home for school pick up:-) We had just enough time to stop at a Gelateria on Upper Street to get Jack a nutella icecream, which he got everywhere. The man created a rose out of icecream…how cool:-)



My job is super fun sometimes, and today has been a great day, and all for free….I am a fortunate girlie today.


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