Mrs Mummypenny’s Top 10 Christmas Pressie Ideas for Girls

Now for this post I have had a bit of input from mummy friends with girls…and I am using my imagination as to what I would have liked as a young girl so expect posts on Cindy and My Little Pony…joking!

  1. Disney DVD’s for FREE. Yes for FREE. Sign up to Top Cash Back using this code Free DVD’s. You can choose from classic films like Cinderella, Snow White and the Lion King. Select the 2 for 1 12.99 offer DVD’s and after a week or so your Topcashback account will be credited with £12.99. I use Topcashback for all my online shopping and earn an extra £500 a year in cash back from my purchases of things like holidays, hotels, flower delivery, annual swop of utilities/insurance/broadband/TV companies. You won’t regret it…see my article from 2014 on how it properly works How does Cashback work

2.  Frozen….frozen fever does not seem to be stopping. Well done Disney on the best marketing & merchandising campaign ever:-) Anna is £12.98 and Elsa is £12.20. Not sure why Elsa is a bit less than Anna??

3. Kinetic sand….this looks very cool for the budding creative child. And great for mums (sand art…who can stand the mess?) as there is no mess. I might actually get this for my boys and its purple. £23.74 on Amazon.

4. Another creative idea..hama beads. I would have loved this as a child and its just £9.99 for 10,000 beads on Amazon. Happy days. Hama Beads 10,000 Beads in a Bucket

5. Now I don’t want to stereo type here but a lot of little girls houses I go to have one of those kitchens. These are my favourite ones, the little Tykes one is from Tesco Direct  £59.99 and the Miele one is from Amazon £74.69. I prefer the Miele one to be honest, its less pink;-)

6. I am using the same link from my list of Boys Christmas Pressies in here for Tablets. The no 1 pressie on top of a lot of childrens lists this year 🙂 Maybe a Tesco hudl or a Kindle Fire? An ipad is an expensive Christmas pressie, if you have the money go for it but I recommend these tablets, great value and its not the end of the world if (when) they drop it. Hudl is £99.99 or Fire HD 8, 8” HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB (Black) – Includes Special Offers £129.99

19-10-15 Jewellery7. Hair clips, jewellery, sparkly stuff…this is normally the kind of pressie I get for my god daughter Olivia. I love it and so does she (Mrs Mummypenny pangs for a girl!)…Accessorize has always been my favourite for bags, cheap jewels, sparkly hair clips.

I have actually gone through my jewellery and have selected a lot of jewels for young Olivia as I am seeing her this weekend.

8. Scooter..another item which appeared on the boys list as well. All children seem to love scooters, in our house house we have gone from Micro 3 wheeler scooter to 2 wheeler bigger micro scooter and now onto stunt scooters. There are a lot of scooters cluttering up our garage. I personally would not go pink for a girl, maybe green or red..or even better purple?? This one is pretty cool for £29.99 Torq Chaotic Scooter (Purple)

9. Lego….so there is Frozen lego (of course) and a new kind of Elves lego, on the list for young Olivia. I like the look of this castle…pricey though at £58.99. It would absolutely keep me amused on Christmas day and probably Boxing day too.

10. Food making I was at Stylist live last week, you would think is full of make up, clothes, jewellery etc. And yes it was, but it also contained a very nice cheese stall…and you could buy cheese making kits. So I didn’t pick up a leaflet and I can’t remember the name of the stall..but it got me thinking about food making kits for kids. What about a pop cake maker or a donut maker. I spied both of these in Sainsburys homeware department last week. Or how about these from Amazon Slushy Deluxe Crushed Ice Drink Ice Cube Maker Machine 661-152 for £14.99
Let’s Cook: Chocolate Bar Maker for £15.89.

So there you have it, my top 10 list of gifts for girls. Do comment about other gifts you think are a great idea and share with you friends with girls as always.

Thanks for getting to the bottom of the list and blog 😉


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