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My Grateful list

I am getting a bit tired of my Facebook feed, newspapers and TV shows, all moaning about how awful the year has been. The public moan can be a drag and I would rather think about my grateful list, what I have achieved and received. It’s much better to celebrate the success of the year.

This year has been a great year. So much has changed and improved for the better. Mrs Mummypenny is looking to be in great shape for 2017. Here are my top proudest moments from 2016.

Taking part in some amazing Brand Campaigns

There has been so many favourite events and campaigns. I am so grateful for the experiences I have had this year thanks to the blog. My favourite has to be the Smart Energy GB Estimation Nation Challenge. I spent a day in a London kitchen making cakes and scones guessing the amount of ingredients and cooking methods. It was hosted by the lovely Ian Cumming of 2015 Bake Off fame and the team at Smart Energy GB. I met the loveliest group of bloggers at the event many of which I now chat to regularly on Twitter & Instagram.

Other fabulous events have included Chocolate making at the Savoy with Tena, a beautiful lunch and #firststeps with Experian and #printingdory with Disney and Epson.

Meeting some Blogging Heroes

I have been star struck a few times!! Back in March I met a few of the money blogging community and was introduced to Emma Drew…I remember saying ‘Oh my gosh you are the first money blogger I read’, Emma is now a firm friend always there to offer advice and help.

I was filming an Aldi school uniform advert in June and sat myself down next to a very familiar face. It was Cash the Comeback Mum, a blog I had read and followed and voted for in blogging awards.

I have also had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing a few celebs, all selfies of course on my Instagram account @mrsmummypennyuk. From Paul Hollywood to Kate Thornton to Mary Berry and Olly Smith!!

Attending the most useful and fun blogging events

The pinnacle of the blogging calendar for those of us in the personal finance world is the UK Money Blogger SHOMO awards. A whole day of the most useful presentations, along with meeting up face to face with all the lovely bloggers whom I chat to online every day.

My eyes were opened to affiliate marketing, to blogger commercials, to writing for the press. I learnt so much and was rather inspired. And I got to finally meet many non-London Bloggers such as Emma Mumford, Faith Archer and Emma Bradley who inspired the next huge achievement.

Writing a book

Yes, I wrote a book. I am sure you must know that by now! A meeting of brilliant minds and inspiration at the SHOMOs lead to Emma Bradley of Emmaand3 and I writing a book together. We wanted to share our blogging learnings and experiences with the world. Emma has been blogging for 7 years, me for 3 years. We had a balance of the newbie and the experienced. Emma is the queen of pitching and diversification, read the book to see all her various income streams. And I am quite the expert of negotiation and making money quickly out of my blog.

Buy the book here or on Amazon. It’s a perfect guide if you are starting out in blogging or just need a kick-start to make improvements to your blog for the new year.


Making a living

I saw a real change in income in the last 3 months of 2016. The tide turned and decent money is being made. Income is being earned from a variety of different means now. Mainly driven by a rather harsh lesson at the end of the summer. I placed far too much reliance on one income stream that ended up being cancelled. So now I have a good mixture of various sponsored posts income, affiliate income, book sales revenue and products received (I saved at least £500 this Christmas with products from brands).

Growing my social media channels

In one year, I have increased my Facebook from 1000 to 4000 likes and my Twitter from 500 to 3200. Instagram has grown from nothing to 850. I have private Facebook groups that I own/admin with 3000 members. A rather strong social media reach there, and is more than plenty for brands to be happy with for sponsored posts.

What are you proud of from 2016 and what do you have to be grateful for?


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3 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great year for you! The last 3 months of 2016 saw my income increase even more too. I think most of us at some point have been guilty of relying on one income stream.

    I’m proud of so much. 2016 was a bad year from a personal point of view with death, cancer and serious illness blighting my friends and family, however, professionally it was great and I’m grateful to have my family and be alive.

    I think people have to want to find something positive to focus on to stop themselves being negative.

    I hope you have an even better 2017!

    1. Oh youve had a tough time Katy…but to have achieved what you have is even more amazing. Here is to 2017 and being a success for both of us xx

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