2017 Goals for Health, Wealth, Business and Personal Life

2017 Goals

I never make new years resolutions. And I always hated the next year planning process in employed work. Alas now I run my own business I realise that you cant wing it the entire time! You need things to aim for, you need to be accountable for things and you need to make progress towards these goals. I have been thinking a lot about these goals over the past week. Blogs with 2017 goals are all over my timeline so I have read and taken heed of ideas. Here are my goals and if I write them down I will be accountable and will have to refer back and record my progress.

Mrs Mummypenny

Social Media

Double my Social Media Traffic. My total reach is up at 11k when you include my private FB groups. So I would like to get this up to a nice round 20k.

Establish consistency

Post 4 blog posts per week, with at least one being non-sponsored.

Establish a Youtube routine. Post a regular weekly video same time every week.

Send out a newsletter every week.

Come up with an amazing freebie to generate email sign-ups.


My income split is heavily biased towards sponsored posts with 75% of my income coming from them. A balanced and diversified income would be preferred with more money coming from affiliate income.

Blogging Your Way To Riches Book

Maintain a regular stream of book sales with consistent promotion of book including media appearances, public speaking, book signings, written press, plus more.


This website is in dire need of a redesign and I really must sort this out. A web-designer is sorted, I even have written a list of what I need the new website to look like. Actions must be put into place.

Record all my income and outgoings on a daily basis for the business. Record keeping is essential and is something that I must improve on this year.

Personal Goals

I turn 40 in March and I have a list of things that I wanted to achieve..I still have maybe half of them to do so this becomes a to do list for my 40th year!

Maintain my weight loss and keep my weight under 11 stone and size 10-12 figure.

Pay off a considerable chunk of our debt. Yes I have debt. Its on a long term interest free credit card but it needs to be paid off. I am aiming for repayment of half of it this year.

What are your goals from a business or a personal point of views. Right them here. Once written down you are more likely to achieve your goals. Lets do this!




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