How I made £1000 on Topcashback – how cashback works

How does cashback and Topcashback work?

I discovered Topcashback during my maternity leave with Jack. It is a quick and easy process to sign up and it really is the easiest way to get money for nothing on all your regular online purchases.  If you don’t know much about cashback then keep reading to find out how cashback works.

How I made £1000 on Topcashback – how cashback works

But there is distrust out there. I remember when I first heard about cashback websites, I thought this can’t be right, it’s too good to be true. Why would a company give away money for nothing? But I went for it I signed up and gave it a try, what did I, or would do you have to lose?

It took some time to always remember to go to the cash back site before buying something, but once in the habit its easy and its amazing to see the money building up in your cashback account. I always transfer it out to my bank account once there is around £100 in there.

Use this link to sign up to get an account, Topcashback

Remember, every time you purchase anything online to go to Topcashback first. Do a search for the intended retailer/service provider and click on the cashback box. This will link you through to the website and you continue to purchase as you would have done.

Its best explained by going through some of my cashback transactions as detailed below. This is a list of everything I have earned over a period of three years from 2012 to 2015, sorted into highest to lowest amounts. Looking at my Topcashback balance now I can see that the total I have received since I opened my account is now over £2000!!


I often find that Expedia provides the best prices on flights and package deals. And if going away with a group of friends I will often book it to get the cashback discount and get the money back from friends. So all of this has got me a huge £378 in cashback. Topcashback normally pays out around 3-5% cashback on the total value of the transaction.


If you are getting a new mobile phone deal and are keen to move to a different mobile phone provider, firstly find the deal you are interested in, then search for the retailer on Topcashback and see what extra free cash you can get. There will be cashback available on phone deals and sim only so do take a look.

I bought my living room and dining room furniture from and bought it all though Topcashback and made a £74 saving.


Whenever I renew any kind of insurance, travel, home, car, I always purchase through Topcashback. I will do my research online and find the best company to go through. I will do this search on my tablet so my laptop cookies can’t be tracked. Then once I have found a great deal I will check that the company is on Topcashback and purchase that way.

Utility Companies

Again when it come to the annual energy switch I go through a comparison site to find the best deal, then search for the company on Topcashback and buy through them.
Take a look at the full list of money earned and companies I use that have given me cashback. Here is the link to sign up for an account Topcashback

Expedia £377.92
BT Broadband – New Customers £136.50
EE £95.95 £73.92
Policy Expert Home Insurance £61.10
Direct Line Car Insurance £47.25
Simply Switch £42.00
TopCashBack Compare Insurance £35.26
npower £34.34
Premier Inn £24.72
UGG Australia £24.00
Gap £15.96
Netflix £12.12
Holiday Extras Airport Parking £12.07 £9.34
Equifax £8.92
Tesco £8.74
Columbus Direct Travel Insurance £8.03
insurance4carhire £6.30
Accorhotels £5.13
Groupon £5.09
JD Sports £4.20
Next Flowers and Wine £3.68
Domino’s Pizza £3.46 Car Insurance £3.42
Bravissimo £3.15
giffgaff £3.10
notonthehighstreet £2.77
Debenhams Flowers £2.14
Ted Baker £1.92 £1.47
JUST EAT £1.02
blinkbox £0.63
Moonpig £0.23
Ebay £0.01

This post contains links to Topcashback where if you sign up I will get a small fee paid for referring you to them.



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18 Responses

  1. Hi there, do you use Quidco too? often there will be suppliers on one site and not the other so you can try them both.

    1. Hiya I do yes, but I consistently find that Topcashback pays a better %. But yes you are right always best to check both sites.

  2. I personally use Quidco myself but I’ve heard lots of positives with TopCashback too. I might have to give them a go after reading your post. Funnily enough, Expedia has been a big earner for me as well!

      1. ive used both quidco and topcashback, but found a new on the other day tbseen, which im giving a go now. it seems good so far they have quite a lot of retailers on their site

        1. I have written about tbseen and met Kate Thornton when she launched it. A great cash back site particularly for women.

  3. I take out my insurances through TopCashback. Does anyone know what happens if I stay with that insurer? Do I get cash back again when it’s renewed or do I need to take out new insurance through cashback again to get the cash back?

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