To be Kind to Others or Not to Be Kind – A question?

27-01-16 kindness sparks loveI have had a morning of contemplation and time to myself. I have had a life coaching session where I have answered interesting questions like ‘when was the last time you felt unconditional love directed towards you’ and ‘when did you last feel unconditional love’. I followed this with a 4 mile run to digest the questions and have a good think.

It has got me thinking about acts of kindness that I experience and do myself and acts of unkindness that I witness or27-01-16 kindness no logic experience. I am sat here waiting for the planning officer to arrive. we completed an extension on the house 2 years ago and there was a restriction placed onto the approval. It said that we were unable to open any of the windows in the extension to protect the privacy of our neighbours. Before permission was granted they had caused us so many issues, there was a lot of unkindness with them using awful words towards me in front of the children. And an effort from them to cost us as much money and time as possible. They did cost us £1200 in extra surveyor fees and 3 months in time of a delay to the building work.

Anyway we accepted the restrictions thinking that we had got away lightly, but now its not working. The 3 small opaque windows in the 2 bathrooms and utility room are not working as non-opening, we have terrible mould problems which cannot be good for the health of the family…and the paint is peeling off the family bathroom ceiling. So I have applied to get the restriction removed, at a cost of another £195.

27-01-16 Kindness is never wastedAnd we continue to experience real nastiness and unacceptable behaviour from the neighbours, why behave like this. Why do everything you possibly can to make this process difficult for us?

But then I experience ultimate kindness like a note from a friend to tell me about a blog post I might like or an article I might like to read. Or I experience so much gratitude and thanks and love for organising a 90’s night recently. I get lots of lovely messages on my website or on facebook/twitter/instagram about how I have helped people to save money or given them an idea for a great family day out or a recipe. A little act of kindness that comes back my way make me feel incredible.

I read some comments yesterday left on a fellow e-friend and bloggers most recent post. All she did was write a 27-01-16 kindness is magicfunny story about the crap artwork that comes home with her children. She is a well known blogger for her humorous posts and has such a large following because she basically makes us all feel like we are not the only ones thinking or feeling a certain way. But oh my gosh the amount of abuse she got from people (it was published on mumsnet so got a lot of traffic). I read some of it, rudeness, unfair comments, nastiness. So much of it was unacceptable. It was as if the anonymous world of the internet makes it okay to slag someone off for an innocent piece of writing. This is not right, people should not be made to feel like this.

So I say let all be kind, everyone do something kind everyday. Maybe its complimenting a work mate on her beautiful dress today or a mum on the school run for looking amazing. Or why not reach out to a friend you’ve not seen for a while and say hi and tell them why you love them. People love to know you are thinking of them.

And you know what kindness will come back, if you give out it will come back and you will experience kindness right back at you. So go for it. At least one act of kindness every day to make you a happier, empowered and more grateful person.

My e-friend blogger is Brummymummyof2 check out, she funny:-)


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3 Responses

  1. Ah thanks hun! Yeah it was pretty grim over on Netmums. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can disagree with someone and still be kind. But these people? Forgot that simple rule! I had a cry. It’s not the first time and certainly not the last time it will happen to me. SODS! Thanks for the post xxx

    1. Its a sign of success, people will always want to take you down. But for every 1 bad there will be 100 good comments, focus on the good and the kindness.

  2. Some comments were awful, it does make you fear about freedom of speech and what some people may say to you if they disagree. Bless Emma she tried to reply to some of them. And then got even more comments back again.

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