How to organise a 90’s night a raise a few grand for Charity

17-1-16 Tiegans star logoWhat better a way to start off the new year then with a big party? Last night I co-hosted a brilliant 90’s night party in aid of Tiegan’s star in Knebworth where I live. It was such a great night and we raised a stack of cash. So if you are looking for some charity night inspiration or just want to see what we did in Knebworth read on for details on how to organise a 90’s night!

Back in Sept a load of us Knebworth girls went to an 80’s party – Tropicana Nights. It was a great night, we all dressed up and got nicely drunk. But there were a few issues, expensive drinks, long bar queues. We were discussing in the following days how much we loved 90’s music and how it was so much more our era. So we thought lets do it, lets organise our own night. And while we are at it why not raise some money for our friend Emma’s charity Tiegans Star.

Tiegans star is a wonderful charity set up after the death of Tiegan our amazing friends little girl. Such a sad and destructive thing to happen to our friends and their answer was to set up Tiegan’s star a charity to support the families and children of the oncology and haematology units at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. Its a small charity so all fundraising makes a huge difference and helps it to keep going year on year in celebration of the little angel looking down on us.

The 90’s night

I’ll break down a few of the things we sorted for the 90’s night along with costs, all to help you out if you are thinking of organising something similar.

The Committee

We invited a carefully selected group of amazing people to help with the planning and organisation. Mainly the fun mums who I know like to party;-). Cue meetings down the pub/meeting over glasses of prosecco.

The Theme

90’s music and fancy dress was an essential. You never know if people are going to take this seriously, but boy does Knebworth know how to rock a 90’s party. So many brilliant outfits. Lots of photos dotted through the post but my top 3 goes to Slash, Bjork and the spice girls .

The Venue

we went for our local Knebworth Village hall. And decided on a nice post Christmas Date to give everyone something to look forward to in the depths of January. Cost to hire £176.

17-1-16 Tiegans Star

17-1-16 Everyone


Jane the other co-host is a woman in the know and a fabulous DJ for sg1radio, click here to check out the radio station and catch her show 3-5pm every sunday – 80’s and 90’s brilliance. She is a woman after my heart whom is not afraid to ask for a freebie. Jane secured the amazing Steve Bryne of The Catch22 Retro Disco for the disco entertainment. He was amazing and had everyone up dancing all night long. Yes he played Saturday night and Barbie Girl..but he also played insomnia and ghetto superstar.

17-1-16 Spice Girls

17-1-16 Nuns and men


No Bar and it was bring your own booze. Cheap and easy what could be better.


Not much to this as the DJ had loads of lights and smoke. We got a load of balloons in Tiegan’s Star colours. And we hung a few CD’s dangling from up high to catch the DJ’s lights. We could have got away with nothing here to be honest. Cost of around £50 for everything.

Tickets and Promotion

Our village hall has a max capacity of 200, which would be a bit of a squeeze. But we went ahead and sold 200 tickets back in Oct, we knew we would get a few no shows. All we did was promote it on facebook and the tickets were sold out in 24 hours. Jane and I dished out the tickets and collected in the funds. We charged £7 each for tickets with a discretionary tip on top to offer to DJ and security.

17-1-16 Leigh and Lynn

17-1-16 Bjork and school disco


Always better to be safe than sorry, especially with potentially 200 people getting very drunk. And my lovely neighbour, who has in the past ran security for nightclubs offered to run it for us. They were brilliant and made sure everything ran smoothly and not that it was needed but were first aid trained. A plug as promised for Adam. He runs John Charles Auto Garage in Old Welwyn, so of you are every in need of a great mechanic go see Adam.

Money Raising on Night

we had a cloakroom and we sold glowsticks. There was loads of things we could have done but we were more set on dancing the night away and drinking!

Last night was the big night

the committee all arrived nice and early for the set up and a few photos. We were all on clearing up duty throughout the night. Checking the toilets, clearing up spills. There was a few pounds spent there on cleaning materials, buckets and mops.


The brilliant night raised us a total of £2738. A whopping total for a great cause. A couple of big chunks in there of £1000 from Barclays bank who fund match up to £1000. Big thanks there to my business bank account guys! And there is a lovely group of ladies who have given up smoking and have donated £350 between them of money saved from giving up the cigs.

Hurrah for community spirit, brilliant friends and raised a stack of cash for Tiegans Star, here is the facebook page. Take a look at what we do and where the money goes.



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