How to Make Money on eBay – Follow these simple tips

Make Money on Ebay

January is a great time to de-clutter. You have just added to that massive pile of toys so why not get rid of the stuff that is not played with anymore. Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams? It will feel so much better to get rid of unwanted stuff and EVEN more better to make some money from it!  So follow these simple tips on how to make money on ebay!

How to Make Money on eBay - Follow these simple tips

EBay is a bit of an art, no one wants to see stuff listed at 99p sell for 99p so here are my tips on how to maximise watchers, page views and ultimately selling price. Download the app, its really the simplest and quickest way to the listing up and live.

The Listing
  • You need to make your listing as attractive as possible. So this means
  • Item title, this is what is used by eBay for search purposes. So include a full lengthy description of your item including item, brand, size, colour. Anything you think people would search for.
  • Item category, this isn’t too important but do choose the most obvious place for the listing, eBay will help you with this.
  • Item description, be honest and here and say why you are selling the item. Give as much information as possible and be genuine, so it comes across in the words
  • Item specifics, be sure to include any info on size, colour, style, pattern, length in here.

The Photographs
  • The most important selling aspect of the eBay listing is the photograph, use good lighting and photograph all the different features of the garment. If its clothing you are selling try to use a dummy/mannequin. Show pictures of the front, back, any pretty detailing, buttons and lables. EBay says you can use up to 12 for free.
7-1-16 make moneyPricing
  • EBay will help you here with a starting auction price. But be realistic. If you start an item at 0.99p you are going to encourage people to have a look who are after a bargain. It will most likely end up in an auction and go higher is you follow all of the above. Or maybe try to set a higher reserve. If your item doesn’t sell you can always relist at a lower reserve.
  • Do not forget that eBay will take 10% of your final selling price as their fee.
  • Consider free postage and packaging, people like this. But only if you will more than make the £2.80 back in sales value.
  • I normally just charge £3 to £4 for an item and post it 2nd class. You cant really make much money out of postage any more.
  • Post your item quickly as soon as the money appears in your paypal account to maximise positive feedback. Its important to keep this rating at 100% for trust purposes.

End of Auction Time
  • EBay has the most visitors to its website on a Sunday night 7pm to 9pm. So schedule your auction to end at this time.

Good luck, sell, sell, sell and make lots of extra cash:-)

Do make a comment and let me know of your most impressive eBay success.


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