The Best Journal to Plan your life and maintain a healthy body and mind.

The Best Journal to plan your life

A few months ago I was grateful to receive an invite to the Mindful Living Show. I was looking forward to talks on mindfulness and general learning about this new area of exploration. Whilst there I met Wendy the founder of the Note to Self Journal. We had such a great chat and I listened to her story, her passion of creating a journal that did everything she wanted it to.

Best Journal to Plan your life

I was sold on her story that is so similar to mine and many other women I know, the corporate hectic life. Rushing everywhere, not taking care of myself. We had such a good chat about how we had both come up with our businesses.

The Note to Self Journal

And I fell in love with her planner. The Note to Self Journal is such a great journal that ticks every box I need in a daily planner. And believe me I have tried many, and spend lots of money on them. I have spent the money but found that they were not perfectly suited to what I needed from a planner. The Happiness planner for example, I remember spending maybe £40 on that one. This one is going to cost you just £13.49 including the special Mrs Mummypenny discount.

The journal starts with Wendy’s story and it sets up the use of the planner so well. I felt myself nodding at every stage of her story and I wanted to complete this planner. I was then guided into writing a letter to my younger self, to provide me with some personal focus to kick off the journal process.

A new page for each day

Every day you complete the same planner information and I like to look at it first thing in the morning and again last thing at night.

Best Journal to Plan your life

I start each day with my gratitude and write down four things that I am grateful for. I visualise my day and write four things that I will achieve that day. Yes just four things. The intention behind this is four things are achievable. I then write a note to myself for the day. Something apt at the moment would be ‘stop the wallowing, be action orientated and get lots done’

The daily planner also remind me to plan in my meditation and plan in some exercise.

At the end of the day I rate how I did with food, good or bad, water consumption, alcohol and self care. It feels great to reflect back at the end of the day on all of these factors and to tick off my t0-do list.

Each day is blank for the date and I love how you can miss a day and not feel so bad about it. Life happens and sometimes I might miss a day.

Best Journal to Plan your life

A round-up every 30 days

Every 30 days there is a round up so you can look back and recognise things like your biggest success, what habits need more reinforcing and what your commitment levels were like. And then you start again on the next 30 day cycle.

Are you loving the sound of this journal? Does it sounds like the perfect tool for you to get your life organised, to get on track. To remember your daily gratitude, affirmations and meditation?

Buy the journal here

You can buy the journal here, don’t forget to use the exclusive discount code mrsmummypenny to get an extra 10% off the price of the planner.

Or Win the Journal

I have a wonderful competition to share with you. Wendy and I have not one but two copies of the journal to giveaway to you wonderful readers. All you have to do is share the one thing you do every day to keep you focused and on track. Do you meditate, do you eat well, do you need that morning coffee? What is it that keeps you going?

Click on this gleam widget to enter the competition with extra entries available for visiting our social media pages.

Note To Self Daily Journal Stationery Giveaway


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48 Responses

  1. I have a cuppa of tea every morning and no-one can speak to me until I’ve drank it otherwise it puts me off flow for the rest of the day. I’ve stopped drinking coffee and only drink decaf tea after 5pm otherwise I find it hard to sleep. I’m trying to practice mindfulness at the moment which is a great help, especially the breathing techniques as I suffer from anxiety but the main thing that helps is listening to guided meditations. I would find this book very useful especially at the moment. Thanks for the chance xx

  2. When i wake i always lie still for 10 minutes and plan my day. i find this focuses my mind. Somtimes when i look at the clock i have layed there for 30 minutes!

  3. I keep lists… Lots of lists! They may be excessive but they do keep me focused on every aspect of my life. I love the idea of the journal!

  4. That’s a fantastic idea. Would definitely help maintain motivation and help reflect on how things are in your life. Love it.

  5. looking at my 10 week old son’s happy little face in the morning is what keeps me going! Just knowing that his happiness relies on me being happy makes me determined to be the best person I can be 🙂

  6. I start with 2 cups of strong coffee then get the things that I don’t really like doing out of the way first.

  7. I personally don’t mediate but what helps me is having a coffee first thing in the morning to start my day off right.

  8. I start my day with a Green Smoothie. It is a routine in the morning which helps me to focus on the day while making it and ensures that my body is set up in the best way.

  9. I try to practice gratitude before going to bed thinking about good things that had happened that day, and I always play music and sing while I cook! These little things keep me going <3

  10. Either Porridge and fruit or yogurt, cereal and fruit with a cup of tea in bed each morning to set me up for the day

  11. Going for a short walk in the fresh air…which is not easy to do with a 4 week old when he has a meltdown when we leave the house. I always feel better for getting outdoors though! x

  12. I always have the best intentions but nothing ever seems to go to plan. But once that morning cuppa is consumed everything always Looks better!

  13. I have to make lists, I am so worried about forgetting to do things. I sometimes lose a shopping list & go into panic mode!

  14. Walking my dogs first thing in the morning really helps focus my mind. It gets fresh blood to my sleepy brain and gets my muscles working.

  15. Make my bed! Theres a really good video out there from a General thats goes on about it, as then no matter how your day goes, you’ve achieved one things and thats making your bed. That ensures a nice warm place to come home to

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