My Top Ten Aldi Recommended Products

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about my favourite Aldi essentials. The items that always make it into my weekly shop to keep the my hungry boys fed and happy. It is a very popular post! It’s been read nearly 10,000 times. People want to see the best products available at Aldi.

Of course tastes change and new product come along, so I thought it was great timing to do a new post with my top ten favourite products. I am including prices as at 25th September as well.

top ten aldi recommended products

Bake at Home Baguettes

My boys love a baguette, favourite filling include chocolate spread, chicken and mayonnaise and ham. A fresh baguette from the super market costs around £1 so these bake at home baguettes are perfect to have stashed in the cupboard. The best bit is that you get a lovely warm baguette for the sandwich! These are 42p for a packet of two baguettes

top ten aldi recommended products

The Biscuit Barrel

My boys love their biscuits, a treat after dinner. And this biscuit barrel big packet is brilliant value at just 99p. Four packets of biscuits are included, short bread, NICE, custard creams and bourbons. The biggest challenge is making them last longer than a few days.

top ten aldi recommended products

Cat Food

I am so glad that I have two cats that are not fussy, they love the Aldi cat food. Each box comes with 10 pouches which Trev and Purdy wolf down as soon as its opened. At 19p per packet it is great value.

top ten aldi recommended products

The classic chocolate snack – Jive and Titan

I wrote about my favourite Aldi dupe products a few weeks ago and many people commented about these. Aldi’s Mars and Twix copies. These taste JUST like the Cadburys version and are so much cheaper. Just 59p for a packet of 5 Jives or 6 Titans.

top ten aldi recommended products

More Snacks – Crisps

All three of my boys have packed lunches so we need lots of snack type items that are not full of sugar. These crisps are a perfect treat. A small packet of crisps, again that taste exactly the same as their branded alternatives. These are 99p for 10 packets of crisps

top ten aldi recommended products

Cereal – Malted Wheaties

You would not believe how much cereal we go through in this house. I buy 7 boxes for a week. These are my favourite, Aldi’s shreddies dupe. A big box of cereal full of good fibre. And at just 89p a brilliant price for a breakfast cereal.

top ten aldi recommended products

The Aldi Super Six Deal

No fail, every shop I pick up a few things from this super six display. These are six fruit and veg products at an incredible low price. This week I picked up yummy figs for 29p and vine tomatoes for 59p. I love how it encourages you to try some new fruit/veg that you might not have tried before. Also the bargains are always food in season at the moment. The super six changes every two weeks.

top ten aldi recommended products

Washing Powder

We really love this Non-Bio washing powder and save a fortune on washing powder. I spent many years strictly buying the branded washing powder but this is just as good. And so so much cheaper at £2.99 with enough powder for 40 washes.

top ten aldi recommended products

Washing Up Liquid

Another essential product where you are going to save a fortune compared to the branded equivalent. We buy the biggest bottle to keep us going for as long as possible. 85p for one litre is a bargain.

top ten aldi recommended products


Again another perfect snack item for the lunchbox. I like to pop these into the freezer for a frozen ice lolly treat as well and this helps to keep the lunchbox cooler as well. These are 95p for a box of 9 yogurt tubes.

top ten aldi recommended products

Go check out your local Aldi and give it a try. The products are so similar to their branded alternative and you will save a ton of money!

This is a collaborative post with Aldi.


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