Mindful Living Show – Calm, Mindfulness and Enlightenment

Mindful Living Show – Calm, Mindfulness and Enlightenment

I was most grateful to be invited to the Mindful Living show in Islington on Friday 1 June. I managed to palm off the children to Germany for a football tour and to the in-laws an enjoyed a day all to myself.

Of the day starts with stress with the trains being cancelled, but I jumped off the train at Finsbury Park and hopped straight onto a bus to take me to the doorstep of the event. And buses are fun, plus you have mobile phone reception😉

Mindfulness and Enlightenment

I arrived just in time for a talk that sounded rather fabulous and it mean I could sit and chill after the journey. You are not your thoughts – The secret magic of mindfulness by Frances Trussell. It was a rather inspiring introduction to the world of Mindfulness. This is new to me. I have meditated on and off for a few years, I love my yoga and my running. And a trip to the beach is incredibly good for my soul. But proper mindfulness was new to me.

The impact of Frances words were great, you are not your thoughts. This has really hit home. I get ever so caught up in y thoughts and overwhelm, like every day. When I try to meditate my thoughts take over, but in an eyes closed session during this talk she encouraged us to listen to those thoughts and see where they went.

I drifted after this talk back to main exhibition and wondered until a stall or product caught my eye.

These were my favourites

Freddie’s Flowers

Number one I adore flowers and number two my dad was called Fred. So yes, they grabbed my attention. They also had lots of purple English flowers which drew me in. It is a pay as you go flower service where a bouquet is sent to you as and when needed. Flowers are picked and with you with 36 hours and they are delivered as environmentally friendly as possible. Deliveries can be paused or continued as and when, there is information on what the flowers are and how to arrange them.

I am incredible excited about this product and signed up. My first bouquet arrives Friday 8th June, early in the morning. Each bouquet is £22, which is incredible value. The same bouquet would be at least double that from a florist and they say the flowers last a good two to three weeks😊 I am up for this challenge. And for having beautiful flowers in my house all the time!

I have a friend code – LynnJ4684 if this is something you would be interested in. We would both get a free bouquet of flowers😊


A VERY cool product to revolutionise the way the world hydrates. I met Ola and his business partner who told me about the product, their aims and goals. And I fell in love with their story. I also fell in love with the beautiful sleek design, so I got one in pink. You can get grey as well!

The bottle has 400ml capacity, is leak proof and BPA free. It is made from high grade stainless steel and keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours (YES!) and hot drinks hot for 12 hours. Amazing!

Mindfulness and Enlightenment

I have been trying it out today, taking it out to football and its has been sat next to me during my day and I have been drinking more water. This is good news!

The business is being ran as a side line to the founder’s day jobs and they have done such a cracking job. No corners have been cut with the design, the website is fabulous, social media on point. And they even contribute 10% of profits to a water charity. I really do love this product and urge you to go buy one yourself!

Amy’s Kitchen

Extra bonus here as they fed me! I got to try the loveliest macaroni cheese and vegetable noodles. They specialise in frozen gluten free, dairy free frozen and canned food. A family business again with a great story, the birth of their daughter led them to create tasty, healthy convenience food.

It is sold in the big supermarkets and can be found in the free from aisle and frozen area.

Note to Self-Journal – Making it Happen

I spotted this product in the lead up to the event on the Instagram profile and knew I would love it. The thing that really made it an amazing product was meeting Wendy the wonderful person behind the journal. The one living and breathing the product, selling it to the show visitors, and selling a lot! Wendy’s sister was helping, and we had such a great chat about the business from implementation to the future. I love having these kinds of conversations. And want to do much to help Wendy’s product go big.

Mindfulness and Enlightenment

We wont talk too much about the guy that joined in our conversation and we ended up discussing what we were all earning and how successful our businesses were (??) such a bizarre conversation that I managed to escape from.

Wendy found me 5 minutes later after my escape and whispered come back and we’ll give you a book. I left with two, one for me and another for the wonderful Emma Drew. And we brainstormed a ton of promotional ideas. And I may have suggested a few more follow on products. Yes, I love stationery, and helpful stuff, and pretty stuff that is created by amazing people.

Today is Sunday and I have started with my journal I have read Wendy intro story and now feel I have kindred spirit, in age and in part with a life crisis. We must go and enjoy a glass of prosecco together and talk life and journals.

Click on this link to buy a wonderful journal and grab 10% off. Just £13.49 for a beautiful and very useful journal that I know you will love. Use the code mrsmummypenny to get the discount. Don’t forget to do this!

Mindfulness Retreats

And finally, it was a please to meet the wonderful Anna Wille. I stopped at her stall as I notices heart shaped biscuits. Yes, this grabbed my attention. We chatted about literally anything and everything from child psychology to the death of parents to overwhelm and the benefits of mindfulness. We connected.

Anna runs mindfulness retreats in Cornwall and Zanzibar. And I am going to the Zanzibar one!! There is one running in October and for 6 nights accommodation, food, transport, 5 days of mindfulness workshop and yoga, £1215 per person. Just need to book flight on top of this. October is a great time of the year to go on a mindfulness retreat as it’s the start of the darker times for me. The nights are closing in and my SAD starts to kick in. November and December are not fun social months for me.


Mindfulness and Enlightenment

I received tickets free of charge and everything else in this post is my view and no payment was received (except 2 free copies of the journal)


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