Monday Money #21 Running in the Rain

I was out and about quite a bit last week, a good week for fun stuff and combating blogger loneliness that I wrote about last week. My money diary is going well, keeping a note of everything I spend is enabling me to make a conscious decision to not spend. I also tried to long out the weekly shop to twelve days rather than seven using up things from the freezer and the store cupboard. This did mean that the boys had hardly anything left for their packed lunch boxes this morning..whoops.

Starting the week with social media at Wenta

Last Monday I attended a course on social media with my local small business support Wenta, this is one of the many courses they offer to new and growing small business. I did pick up a few good tips on social media, particularly Twitter, but mostly I went to connect to other small business folk. It was good to meet people doing lots of different businesses.

Interview with Pete Matthew on my Radioshow

Tuesday saw me interview the wonderful Pete Matthew on Mrs Mummypenny Talks. He has just launched his new book The Meaningful Money Handbook and we talked about all things money, goal setting, dealing with changing circumstances, planning the future and money success and mistakes. His book is so worth a read to help you gain control of your money and understand everything you need to know and need to do with it.

meaningful money

Combating loneliness with lunch and coffee

I met Emma from The Money Whisperer on Wednesday for lunch. We mat half way between each other at Harpenden for a tapas lunch. Of course money saving all the way we went for the meal deal lunch and it was amazing. It so important to meet up with colleagues in real life as I wrote about lat week, to talk about the frustrations and the successes of blogger life. Discuss ideas and share thoughts on what is going well and not so well.

tapas lunch - Running in the Rain

Baking Cakes with Betty Crocker

Josh loves to bake and I got him a Betty Crocker devils cake mix to create a cake all himself. These packet mixes are great for children, the instructions are easy to follow and the resulting cake is very very good. Take a look at this creation from Josh.

betty crocker

Hair Cut and Colour

I get my hair cut and coloured once every six months. Really not that often!! I keep my colour topped up with Root Touch up dye to save on my hairdressing costs. These are now greatly reduced as my wonderful hairdresser of many years Stacey has set up in her home so I pay £60 for a cut, style and colour. Not bad! And we get to catch up on life events from the past six months.

A quiet weekend reading

This past weekend saw me have a quiet one at home. Dylan had a football game in Southend so hubby took the boys over to his parents for the weekend. I stayed at home to get some work done, and ended up spending most of the weekend reading the new Lily Allen biography. Its a GREAT read, I highly recommend it. And wow what a life she’s had. I love a story with lots of celeb gossip.

Running in the Rain

I also got my running shoes on and headed out in the rainstorm of Sunday morning. Running is just the best free exercise and therapy. Especially running in the rain. I ran for four miles and didn’t do a wonderful time, but felt great coming home after that long run. Previous to this weekend I had managed to get my mile pace to 9:30 minutes but I only managed 10:30 on Sunday. I don’t care, I got out and burnt off a load of calories.

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  1. I was in Dallas one day a few years ago and decided to do a twenty mile marathon training run by myself. I started at dark thirty in the morning and a couple of miles in a horrendous thunder and rainstorm blew in. I was running around white rock lake and it was an awesome experience, almost apocalyptic! I think it rained 5 inches and at times I was wading more than running. Proof positive that we runners aren’t completely sane. Obviously you have that craziness in you as well!

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