Switching Energy from Affect Energy to Octopus Energy

Switching Energy from Affect Energy to Octopus Energy

We recently made our annual energy switch. I am writing my annual post about the process I went through to let you know how simple it is and that you will more than likely save money making the switch yourself.Switching Energy from Affect Energy to Octopus Energy If you are on the standard variable rate with your current energy provider as around 70% of the people in the UK are, you can almost certainly save money by switching.

Time to Switch

The deal I had secured last year was a good one, we were paying just £66 per month for both gas and electricity in a four-bedroom detached house. This deal came to an end in August so it was time to investigate the renewal price with our current provider and to check what the market could offer. I was with a company called Affect energy. This company was a new entrant to the energy market and offered great customer service and value for money. They entered the market last year with a strong competitively prices offer to grab as many customers as possible. Unfortunately, this did mean that their renewal offer was quite a bit more than what we were already paying. It jumped up to £94 per month, an extra £28.

USwitch comparison

I always do the same thing every year with my energy provider. I complete a check on uSwitch to firstly compare my renewal costs to all the other energy companies on the market. This process will take you less than five minutes I promise. Firstly, enter your postcode, email address and mobile. The hit the compare energy deals now. Select your supplier and the tariff you are on. Next add your annual energy usage. Or you could even add the amount you spend every month. You will then be given a list of providers who can almost certainly save you money.

This year I added in an extra check.  I asked around and spoke to a few friends about which energy companies they rated and offered great customer service. The recommendation of Octopus was mentioned. A great value new company, who offers green energy tariffs and has a slick sign up process. Also, Octopus were not being quoted on the comparison site.

Switching to Octopus – decision is made

My uSwitch comparison was telling me that Affect energy were the best provider for value and therefore their recommendation was to stay with them. I ran my information through Octopus and their monthly cost and rates were just £1 a month more than affect energy. I had two companies to choose between.

octopus energy

Can I get a Smart Meter?

There was one thing I wanted with my new provider and before deciding who to go with, I spoke to both. I do a lot of work with Smart Energy GB, the company who are behind smart meters, on my site and I have been keen to get a smart meter for a year now. Affect energy do not have the resources or technical ability to offer smart meters to their customers but Octopus do. My decision was made and the move was made from Affect energy to Octopus.

The Switch takes place

I instructed the switch on 7th August. An email was received straight always telling me that the switch would be complete by the 24th August. Next arrived a nice email from Greg Jackson the CEO, telling me all about how Octopus works and assured me there will be no price hike at the end of the years contract. This sounds great! I received another email update on 15th August to tell me that the switch was all on track.  Then finally on 24th August the switch happened smoothly, all confirmed by email.

Our monthly direct debit is now £96 and we have a great tool to help us monitor usage to save more money. I will report back in a few weeks how the Smart meter is going as it was only just fitted on Monday. Why not check if Octopus will save you money on your energy bill? I am really impressed with their service so far. Please note this is not a sponsored post and I received no payment for this recommendation. If you click on the referral links to Octopus we will both receive a £15 credit onto our accounts. Win win.


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3 Responses

  1. Hi Lynn,

    Interesting read, can I ask when did you switch to Octopus Energy? I’ve just switched to energy provider but to be honest I’m not too impressed. Received no welcome email/pack which I thought was just terrible service.
    Are you still with them as a provider?


    1. I switched in September and have had nothing but great service. I didnt get a welcome pack but I did get a stream of welcome emails. I would send a message on Twitter/Facebook Messenger to explain your concerns.

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