Welcome to my page about your gas and electricity, energy bill. 

One of the biggest bills in the household after mortgage, rent and council tax. Switching your energy provider every year is a brilliant way to save money. 

You will also find lots of content in here about ways to change in your household to use less energy and save money. Plus, content about smart meters and the control they give you to check your energy usage and spend.

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I am an affiliate partner of Octopus Energy , much of this content is sponsored by Octopus or Smart Energy GB, meaning that they pay me a fee to write content on my website.

I am an Octopus customer since 2017 and chose to stay a customer each year as they are incredible value for money, with brilliant customer service and renewable energy plans. I have tested their customer service so many times! Check to see if you save money switching using my affiliate link where we both will get a £50 credit to our energy bill if you sign up as an Octopus customer.  

Please note all information in this section is guidance and not advice. It is my view and my view only.